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    Natalie Wood Lyrics Download by TV Girl - Read, Copy & Download LRC / PDF / TXT / SRT File

    Read, Copy, Download simple local lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Natalie Wood is a English song from the album Natalie Wood and this song is sung by TV Girl. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC File Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is 04:00.12. You can also download lyrics here in TXT (.txt), SRT (.srt) and PDF (.pdf) format.

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    Natalie Wood by TV Girl LRC Format

    [ti:Natalie Wood]
    [ar:TV Girl]
    [al:Natalie Wood]
    [00:00.50]We have a very absorbing story of a girl who was forced into a game of terror
    [00:04.64]In which the dice were loaded with
    [00:26.10]No one knew if her face was black and blue when she hit the water
    [00:31.33]But it was when they dragged her out
    [00:35.54]Are the rumors true? Did you see those empty bottles?
    [00:39.41]They had come to see what the fuss was all about
    [00:44.39]And every cop in town was her audience that night
    [00:48.89]They'd come from all around, they heard she was famous
    [00:54.90]But you'd never know, except her hair was perfect
    [00:58.19]And everyone kind of felt like movie stars and they went home so impressed
    [01:03.30]By Natalie Wood
    [01:05.60](Natalie Wood)
    [01:07.96]I'll see you in my dreams
    [01:12.73]Natalie Wood
    [01:15.70](Natalie Wood)
    [01:17.17]Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen
    [01:41.49]Cut to the scene, she turned 17
    [01:45.51]And do you still believe everything that your mother told ya?
    [01:50.32]'Cause when you're born into this life, reciting lines is a waste of time
    [01:55.34]Just go in there and close the door behind ya
    [02:00.23]And there's a world of difference between acing the audition
    [02:04.27]And doing whatever it takes to win the part
    [02:09.57]And all those other girls, well, they just had to listen
    [02:13.93]They knew it took more than kissing if you wanna break somebody's heart
    [02:19.30]Like Natalie Wood
    [02:21.45](Natalie Wood)
    [02:23.35]I'll see you in my dreams
    [02:28.61]Natalie Wood
    [02:30.68](Natalie Wood)
    [02:32.81]Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen
    [02:58.70]Doesn't matter who they're pointing at
    [03:02.10]'Cause the cameras always shine on you
    [03:07.20]15 when you cut your pigtail
    [03:11.73]Washed up at 22
    [03:15.52]Like Natalie Wood
    [03:20.21]I'll see you in my dreams
    [03:25.20]Natalie Wood
    [03:29.51]Dennis Hopper, James Dean
    [03:34.57]Natalie Wood
    [03:37.16](Natalie Wood)
    [03:39.20]I'll see you in my dreams
    [03:44.90]Natalie Wood
    [03:46.53](Natalie Wood)
    [03:48.10]Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen

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    1. Who is the singer of "Natalie Wood" song?

    ⇒ TV Girl have sung the song "Natalie Wood".

    2. Which album is 'Natalie Wood' song from?

    ⇒ Natalie Wood.

    3. In which language is 'Natalie Wood' song composed?

    ⇒ Natalie Wood song is composed in English language.

    4. What is the official duration of 'Natalie Wood' song?

    ⇒ The official duration of 'Natalie Wood' is 04:00.12.

    5. Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

    ⇒ Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permission. This is only for your personal use.

    6. Does this LRC file perfectly match with the official song?

    ⇒ Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e., +10.. or -10..).

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    TV Girl - Natalie Wood