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    Mota Lyrics Download by The Offspring - Read, Copy & Download LRC / PDF / TXT / SRT File

    Read, Copy, Download simple local lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Mota is a English song from the album Ixnay On The Hombre and this song is sung by The Offspring. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC File Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is 02:57.37. You can also download lyrics here in TXT (.txt), SRT (.srt) and PDF (.pdf) format.

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    Mota by The Offspring LRC Format

    [ar:The Offspring]
    [al:Ixnay On The Hombre]
    [00:27.98]Everyday, well it's the same
    [00:34.20]That bong that's on the table starts to call
    [00:36.30]My name
    [00:37.23]I take a hit and zone out again
    [00:39.28]I'll be paranoid and hungry by a quarter to ten
    [00:42.70]Watching reruns on my TV
    [00:44.59]I'm laughing off my ass at Three's Company
    [00:47.55]I don't know if I'm understood
    [00:49.83]Buy hearing Jimmy Buffett never sounded so good
    [00:53.22]Your memory's gone and so is your life (your life)
    [00:56.97]Mota Boy
    [00:58.48]But losing out just never felt so right
    [01:03.27]Your enemy's you and so is your life (your life)
    [01:07.66]Mota Boy
    [01:09.54]But losing out might feel okay all night
    [01:22.88]I'm driving down to the barrio
    [01:30.12]Going 15 miles an hour cause I'm already stoned
    [01:33.20]Give the guy a twenty and wait in the car
    [01:35.67]He tosses me a baggie then he runs real far
    [01:38.47]I take a hit but it smells like a clove
    [01:41.30]Oh fuck I got a baggie of oregano
    [01:43.64]This ritual is destroying me
    [01:46.50]But I guess it could be worse
    [01:47.68]It could be methedrine
    [01:49.91]Your memory's gone and so is your life (your life)
    [01:53.40]Mota Boy
    [01:54.37]But losing out just never felt so right
    [01:59.33]Your enemy's you and your couch is your life
    [02:03.43](Your Life)
    [02:04.11]Mota Boy
    [02:05.80]But losing out might take
    [02:07.78]Losing out might take you all night
    [02:29.72]Losing out might feel okay all night
    [02:47.10]Yeah losing out might feel okay all life

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    1. Who is the singer of "Mota" song?

    ⇒ The Offspring have sung the song "Mota".

    2. Which album is 'Mota' song from?

    ⇒ Ixnay On The Hombre.

    3. In which language is 'Mota' song composed?

    ⇒ Mota song is composed in English language.

    4. What is the official duration of 'Mota' song?

    ⇒ The official duration of 'Mota' is 02:57.37.

    5. Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

    ⇒ Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permission. This is only for your personal use.

    6. Does this LRC file perfectly match with the official song?

    ⇒ Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e., +10.. or -10..).

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