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    Hashira Lyrics Download by Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds - Read, Copy & Download LRC / PDF / TXT / SRT File

    Read, Copy, Download simple local lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Hashira is a English song from the album Hashira and this song is sung by Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC File Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is 06:00.92. You can also download lyrics here in TXT (.txt), SRT (.srt) and PDF (.pdf) format.

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    Hashira by Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds LRC Format

    [ar:Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds]
    [00:11.23]Uh, new degrees, not turning off the gas
    [00:12.82]Through the trees, I turn a mob to ash
    [00:14.40]Fruit machine, I'm dropping squads like cash
    [00:15.78]I bring a red sun like I'm from Japan
    [00:17.40]I go off the rails how I'm crossing tracks
    [00:18.76]I be on your tails, so best watch your back
    [00:20.43]Like a coffin nail, they gon' knock 'em flat
    [00:22.00]I'm conducting trains like I'm Tophamhat
    [00:23.64]Shut it down, no tube strike, we gon' eclipse the sun to moonlight
    [00:26.19]Rewrite the script like rolling new dice
    [00:27.33]That's two times like using blades with two strikes
    [00:29.17]Look at my gold stars, I'm too nice
    [00:30.72]Way that I mould bars in pure light
    [00:32.11]I've got a bold heart, I gon' hold fast, see the pole dance like Umai
    [00:35.21]Send big rounds like the gap in my chest
    [00:36.57]And I act like the best 'cause I am, bitch
    [00:38.21]I bring light to the shadows of death
    [00:39.28]Understand at the end like an asterisk
    [00:41.70]They gon' say that my tracking immense
    [00:42.49]Like it's after effects I do damage
    [00:44.60]A D6 with my magical breath when they drive to the left doing cantrips
    [00:47.25]Yo, yo, yo, get into it
    [00:50.46]He move in that fishbowl on display, I think he clueless
    [00:53.38]My head in that ozone off the mist, I'm 'bout to lose it
    [00:56.18]He missed 'cause he don't aim, He looking tired 'cause I feel ruthless
    [00:59.34]Act like I'm a fruit 'cause my machismo incongruent
    [01:02.33]Pussy just know if you try me, then I'm still gon' fucking do it
    [01:05.22]PTSD, I'm stuck in the mist about it, them cold sweats never leave
    [01:08.10]Pray I don't crash, sow what I'm reaping now
    [01:09.95]Know I always got death with me
    [01:11.90]Chop expensive, I bought it to steal your soul
    [01:12.90]Boutta make this killing blow
    [01:14.20]Brainfog heavy, but know I still see the road
    [01:15.85]Hit run like I need to go
    [01:17.14]I always do this shit, while I'm half asleep
    [01:18.66]I'm on 85 speeding home
    [01:20.15]Mike J Fox, you would have to go back with me
    [01:21.92]Gotta let this people know I'm not playing
    [01:23.49]Yeah, I'm out here looking for a man
    [01:23.75]Want him to outdo me when I push it no one can
    [01:26.25]Hit 'em, they get slammed down, and I got mad pounds
    [01:27.79]Should not stand proud, you'll go flat
    [01:29.50]Dropping demons, whip with a flip and I pull it back
    [01:30.71]Quipping that it's difficult with this skill on the track
    [01:32.34]Killing 'em with cat love showers, catching dollars
    [01:33.73]Setting up a dude a clown to get clapped
    [01:35.34]Watching for the forms, ops, they want more
    [01:36.60]Chasing awards, I give 'em psych
    [01:38.16]Winning this war, feel no remorse, look at the lore, we're not alike
    [01:41.70]You hurt my friends, I'm all for content cuts
    [01:42.45]All 4 Senketsu, keep you worn
    [01:44.26]Yeah, I'm sweet as a cake store
    [01:45.38]I got that cake stored, bad side's a wind love storm, ay
    [01:47.65]Feeling like Akame, deaths of my comrades
    [01:49.29]They piled up and stacked on me
    [01:50.41]Catching blades making me shake, anger ravaging
    [01:51.66]Sad, but I'm managing all of the stakes
    [01:52.98]Made a mistake, tryna shun my strength away
    [01:54.87]I will not let myself break
    [01:56.20]So I'll be great, stood here today
    [01:57.57]Loyal to kindness through all of the pain
    [02:01.21]Ay, OK, man, I'm way too wavy, put demons down in the ground
    [02:05.85]When I water the corpse they'll be raising daisies
    [02:07.84]After my bread give 'em pain like pastry
    [02:09.91]Ain't a way y'all take me, two-tone drip and the bladework crazy
    [02:12.84]Black-blue steel unsheathed
    [02:13.94]Turn a scene to the sea, but I ain't with navy
    [02:16.21]Water-formed get him drawn and quartered
    [02:17.89]So I separate bodies like the Panama canal
    [02:19.70]Tortures morbid get 'em waterboarded
    [02:21.30]'Til the sun comes up or your stamina's ran out
    [02:23.70]You're in deep with the deep blue
    [02:25.40]So far gone that a mariner could drown
    [02:26.60]Wet up a chest, make a demon's T-shirt see through
    [02:28.67]Bet that the cameras come out
    [02:30.82]Murder in the first degree like I'm working on my bachelor's
    [02:33.17]Urokodaki's top student, even that MC isn't gonna pass me up
    [02:36.88]Beating me? Seriously? You're joking, mate, you got me cracking up
    [02:40.90]Hahaha! If you overstep on the ocean waves, I bring the Kraken up
    [02:43.81]Tucked in with equipment decked
    [02:45.22]Got a snakes the peripheral razor tech
    [02:47.24]Custom blade and it's made to spec
    [02:48.63]I'm the G you eye and into facing threats
    [02:50.68]Bad mouth, she sitting up on it regardless
    [02:52.77]Riding without no harness, Baby in pink and braless
    [02:55.74]Dove in goes for the cobra and knows how to charm it
    [02:58.13]These bitches are been synthetic
    [02:59.66]Got a hidden incentive, Get the skin shedded, kill credit
    [03:01.36]See beneath, an evils been embedded
    [03:02.72]Wrap round smacked down, that sound like a kink fetish
    [03:04.79]Getting rid shredded like a gym head, it's fucking impressive
    [03:06.72]Look at him like fuck it, it'll just charge as you go like sim credit
    [03:08.97]Better bring medic, get clocked in your top, fucking ring Big Ben
    [03:11.41]It's like flipping heck, he's pissed the be
    [03:13.21]Prick left lying in the wet patch
    [03:14.84]Misdirect, disconnect, I advised that you head back
    [03:17.52]Now you want your head back
    [03:18.81]Tried this tech, but his breath stank
    [03:19.93]Now he's all out of time like jet lag
    [03:21.51]Are you deaf, lad? If you enter this pit with me
    [03:23.87]That's a death track
    [03:25.16]Move with the wind, if I catch him
    [03:26.51]I clip him the mission, my final deliverance
    [03:28.29]Light as a feather, I move uninhibited
    [03:29.93]Blink and you miss it, potential is limitless
    [03:31.80]Cut through his syndicate, skilled with a green beam
    [03:32.75]Moving silent, I can't ever be seen
    [03:34.97]Wet up a demon, he feeling the sea breeze
    [03:36.83]You ain't making the A, B, or C-team
    [03:38.68]Lil' bro a demon when he hit him with the chop
    [03:40.40]You hear a pop pop 'fore you see a nigga drop
    [03:41.90]I seen a lot lot, so I ain't ever gonna stop
    [03:43.39]'Till the bloodshed of the undead get to clot
    [03:45.32]I can tend to be impulsive, pull shit, the culprit
    [03:47.13]And run up on a nigga with a full clip and pull it
    [03:48.71]I'mma penetrate her box with no protection
    [03:50.11]Just to test 'em, I'm a savage with the weapon
    [03:51.71]My hit perfection, it's a blessing if I bleed 'em
    [03:53.60]As if he sneezing, wipe his nose, if I bless you
    [03:55.42]It isn't preaching, I leave him holy on a slab
    [03:56.67]But this is not an altar
    [03:57.84]You know this has to be his ending way the saber alter
    [03:59.90]All of his body, his death's fated
    [04:00.20]I guarantee that all of my oppers are overrated
    [04:01.80]There's scarring from my face to my waist and they never fading away
    [04:03.93]Until all my enemies die, and my blade is sated
    [04:06.29]Float like a butterfly, I sting inside your right eye
    [04:09.28]6 times, all fibbing about all the grinning
    [04:10.60]It's hidden, I'm toxic, won't ever deny it
    [04:12.36]Ain't that the truth? So pretty, and yet, I'm so bad for you
    [04:15.43]Inside of the booth fluid, my poison be coming from out of the tooth
    [04:18.30]What do you know? Say you don't
    [04:19.28]Wanna get coached? Oh no, my flow be like them
    [04:21.18]Other bitches that say they with it
    [04:22.78]Nah, they hit their creative limit
    [04:24.37]Smile? Bruh, I stay livid, I'm melting you in like 7 minutes
    [04:27.14]And all the while I keep my eyes off of you, that's admitted
    [04:30.27]Yo, ay, tell me what you wanna say, doing this shit everyday
    [04:33.28]Wasting away, yuh, this was mysterious Wysteria in hysteria
    [04:36.23]Yes, it merely was didn't do it all enough
    [04:37.80]Cut 'em up, I flutter, step I don't stutter
    [04:39.28]Demons stay shuddering, shut up, I'm beastin'
    [04:40.67]We out like we peace and capriced into meat and
    [04:42.43]Hurt and alone after he cheated his death
    [04:44.84]The giant soldier of stone, but he can't be on defence
    [04:47.65]He had to work 'till he's grown, putting the team through the test
    [04:50.88]Until the myth of Sysiphus is just how we getting reps (god damn)
    [04:54.61]Blind man, but the world's transparent
    [04:57.20]Been at war since he was orphaned, and my learned fam perished
    [05:00.40]When they die heard their wales, melt to cries as they flailed
    [05:02.87]So I turned it to a weapon when it's time to impale
    [05:05.83]To remind of the tale of a kind that they slayed
    [05:09.40]I could die any night, so I can't be afraid
    [05:11.91]As I spark up my mark, and my heart starts to break
    [05:15.90]I know me and Muzan share a fate as I fade, uh
    [05:18.78]I reap souls with these, two cuts, then his soul is freed
    [05:21.60]My faction so elite, can't lose, I got hoes to feed
    [05:24.83]I ain't sparing them, I die, he gon' go with me
    [05:27.30]He want me to come be one of them, but I got loyalty
    [05:29.75]Ain't hard to visualize, I pull up with three different wives
    [05:33.73]I do this for all my brothers who ain't get to shine
    [05:36.89]Blood run cold, but not like theirs, and they can't get to mine
    [05:39.32]When I cut his head off, it's a candid, bitch, it's picture time
    [05:42.26]My chain keep my blades attached, I come, they gon' fade to black
    [05:45.42]My hoes rotate gratefully, come home where my favorite at
    [05:48.44]Demons move around me swift, but I ain't scared, we trained for that
    [05:51.26]He die, it bring all us peace, but I can't cry, we prayed for that

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    1. Who is the singer of "Hashira" song?

    ⇒ Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds have sung the song "Hashira".

    2. Which album is 'Hashira' song from?

    ⇒ Hashira.

    3. In which language is 'Hashira' song composed?

    ⇒ Hashira song is composed in English language.

    4. What is the official duration of 'Hashira' song?

    ⇒ The official duration of 'Hashira' is 06:00.92.

    5. Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

    ⇒ Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permission. This is only for your personal use.

    6. Does this LRC file perfectly match with the official song?

    ⇒ Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e., +10.. or -10..).

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    Rustage, yayu, HalaCG, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Ham Sandwich, Saa, Cam Steady, BlvkDivmonds - Hashira