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    FE!N Lyrics Download by Travis Scott (feat. Playboi Carti) - Read, Copy & Download LRC / PDF / TXT / SRT File

    Read, Copy, Download simple local lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of FE!N is a English song from the album UTOPIA and this song is sung by Travis Scott (feat. Playboi Carti). This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC File Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is 03:11.70. You can also download lyrics here in TXT (.txt), SRT (.srt) and PDF (.pdf) format.

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    FE!N by Travis Scott (feat. Playboi Carti) LRC Format

    [ar:Travis Scott (feat. Playboi Carti)]
    [00:09.48]Just come outside, for the night (Yeah)
    [00:12.57]Take your time, get your light (Yeah)
    [00:15.58]Shawty giant, huh-uh
    [00:18.73]I been out geekin'
    [00:22.95]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien' (Yeah)
    [00:25.87]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien' (Yeah)
    [00:29.18]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'
    [00:32.33]Fien', fien'(Yeah), fien', fien', fien'
    [00:37.22]The career's more at stake when you in your prime (At stake)
    [00:40.80]Fuck that paper, baby, my face on the dotted line (Dot, yeah)
    [00:44.14]I been flyin' out of town for some peace of mind (Yeah, yeah, bitch)
    [00:47.18]It's like always they just want a piece of mine (Ah)
    [00:50.52]I been focused on the future, never on right now (Ah)
    [00:53.91]But I'm sippin', not kombucha, either pink or brown (It's lit)
    [00:57.20]I'm the one that introduced you to the you right now (Mm, let's go)
    [01:01.28]Oh my God, that bitch bite (That bitch bite)
    [01:04.20]But alright (Alright), tryna vibe (Tryna vibe like this)
    [01:07.89]In the night, come alive
    [01:10.55]Ain't asleep, ain't a—, ain't a—, ain't-ain't-ain't—
    [01:15.21]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'
    [01:18.12]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'
    [01:20.97]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'
    [01:24.33]Fien', fien', fien', fien'
    [01:27.20]Fien', fien', fien', fien'
    [01:32.60]Syrup, woah, what?
    [01:41.76](Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide) What?
    [01:44.52](Yeah, woah, yeah, yeah)
    [01:47.64](Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, yeah)
    [01:49.74](Yeah, hol' up, yeah)
    [01:51.44]Yeah, I just been poppin' my shit it's been gettin' live, hol' up (Shit)
    [01:53.57]Yeah, you try to come 'round 'bout this shit, they poppin' ya tires, hol' up (Shit)
    [01:57.80]Uh, hunnid round, woah, feel it, knock 'em on ten
    [02:00.73]Playin' both sides with these hoes (Hol' up)
    [02:02.50]Shawty, I'm fuckin' yo' friends (Hol' up)
    [02:03.79]I been goin' crazy, shawty, I been handlin' these bands
    [02:06.85]She not innocent, uh, shit, she tryna go—
    [02:09.84]Fien', fien' (Yeah, talm 'bout), fien', fien'-fien' (Syrup, oh-oh, what?)
    [02:12.87]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien' (Syrup, oh-oh)
    [02:15.94]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'-fien' (Talkin' bout, talm 'bout, let's go)
    [02:19.70]I just been icin' my hoes
    [02:20.67]I just been drippin' my ho (Drippin' my ho)
    [02:22.36]This is a whole 'nother level, shawty
    [02:23.97]I got these hoes on they toes (Hoes on they toes)
    [02:25.75]I put this bitch on the road
    [02:27.32]She tryna fuck on the O, hol' up, hol' up
    [02:29.00]I got this ho with me, she tryna show me sum', hol' up, hol' up
    [02:31.49]I got flows for days, these niggas ain't know nun', hol' up, hol' up
    [02:35.36]Me and my bro locked in, you know we on one, hol' up
    [02:38.50]We in the spot goin' crazy, until the sun up
    [02:42.50]You worried about that ho, that ho done chose us (Bitch-ass)
    [02:45.30]Uh, pistols all in the kitchen, can't get it to cold, uh, hol' up, yeah (Wow)
    [02:48.21]Fien', fien', fien' (Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, yeah)
    [02:51.83]Why the fuck these niggas actin' like they know us?
    [02:54.99]Double 0, Cactus, shit we towed up, this shit how we told 'em (Skrrt, skrrt)
    [02:58.13]Switch out the bag, these niggas get rolled up (It's lit, hol' up, slatt)
    [03:01.47]Everything lit, hol' up, everything Homixide, Homixide (Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)
    [03:05.10]Fien', fien', fien', fien'-fien'-fien'
    [03:08.61](Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)

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    1. Who is the singer of "FE!N" song?

    ⇒ Travis Scott (feat. Playboi Carti) have sung the song "FE!N".

    2. Which album is 'FE!N' song from?

    ⇒ UTOPIA.

    3. In which language is 'FE!N' song composed?

    ⇒ FE!N song is composed in English language.

    4. What is the official duration of 'FE!N' song?

    ⇒ The official duration of 'FE!N' is 03:11.70.

    5. Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

    ⇒ Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permission. This is only for your personal use.

    6. Does this LRC file perfectly match with the official song?

    ⇒ Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e., +10.. or -10..).

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