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Zipcodes Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the brand new album “2000” sung by Joey Bada$$. You can download Joey Bada$$’s Zipcodes song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Zipcodes LRC Format
[ti:Zipcodes] [ar:Joey Bada$$] [al:2000] [lang:English] [length:04:27.23] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.89]Hahaha, You know what I’m sayin’? Look We gon’ talk our shit on this one (Talk your shit)
[00:07.25]Kirk Knight on the beat, keep my cypher complete, look, (Complete, look)
[00:11.24]Forty K for the Rollie with the leather band, no time to parley
[00:15.02]Life is too short, we came a long way
[00:17.11]From pissy hallways to court-side up in Barclays (Yeah)
[00:20.11]Stuntin’ is a sport, the way I’m ballin’, we could all play (Ballin’)
[00:22.92]My cup overflowin’, I’m feelin’ fine in this Chardonnay
[00:25.84]I dropped seven bands in Rick Owens, it was a calm day
[00:28.77]Prices lookin’ like a zip code, I switch zones when it get cold
[00:32.22]So they gon’ have to throw they shade from far away
[00:34.48]I brought it in, walkin’ with your broad down Broadway
[00:37.57]Skip the foreplay and brought her back to where the Don lay
[00:40.22]It’s Brooklyn, get your chain tooken lookin’ like entrées
[00:43.37]Parted in my origin, get your troops, call ’em in, I gave ’em fair warnings
[00:47.68]I’m up late nights and early mornings, I got a little buzz, I can’t afford to miss my callin’ now
[00:52.62]Be the first to arrive and last to leave
[00:55.08]Dropped out of school, still voted most likely to succeed (Ow)
[00:58.99]Said I do this with the ease, I collect my fees and then I breeze
[01:02.94]Neck on freeze like it’s below thirty-two degrees, check my steez
[01:07.08]Hold up, nigga, nigga, nigga (Please)
[01:09.14]Look, off top for the speculation (Yeah), If rap was a stock, I have a hundred million in evaluation
[01:15.57]A hundred thousand hours and you niggas only master masturbation
[01:19.29]Y’all some pros at procrastination (Hahaha)
[01:21.38]I tax those who act slow, never had patience (Never had)
[01:24.20]My cat flow got you fat souls in fascination (Haha)
[01:27.19]I made her make it clap, then I told her “Congratulations” (Yeah)
[01:30.02]You fuckin’ with the realest cat since Larry David
[01:32.86]Curvy enthusiast, it’s Laquesha from the black lagoon, snatch your jewelry ass
[01:37.15]Most niggas really pawns when you wave the toolie at em’ (Boom, boom)
[01:40.13]Could’ve made the Goonies clap, But masked up like MF DOOM, don’t know what truly had (Rest in peace)
[01:44.27]And firstly, all my wolves is blood thirsty (Yeah)
[01:46.69]Ready to shoot from mid-range like they James Worthy, Don’t let them niggas try to hurt me (Try)
[01:50.95]He gon’ see some bloodhounds, some blue flags
[01:53.23]Duck down or move fast and push your own kuf’ back, nigga
[01:57.07]Said I do this with the ease, I collect my fees and then I breeze
[02:01.11]Neck on freeze like it’s below thirty-two degrees, check my steez
[02:05.15]Hold up, nigga, nigga, nigga (Please)
[02:07.56]I can show you how to get lit and don’t blow it (Uh)
[02:10.40]’Cause when you really start gettin’ rich, ain’t gotta show it (It’s right)
[02:13.32]Lifestyle golden, my nigga, now that’s trojan (Facts)
[02:16.24]Only magnum rounds when I bust and explode ’em
[02:19.31]Eight figure nigga, so I’m always gettin’ chosen, Middle of the summer, my ice is still frozen
[02:24.89]I try to show these niggas the roast, they let it choke ’em
[02:27.98]I got sick of playin’ with niggas, I started coachin’ (Yeah)
[02:30.81]I ain’t worried ’bout y’all hands, ’cause y’all jokers (Right)
[02:33.63]Hit the Royal Flush on niggas, ain’t talkin’ Poker (Right)
[02:36.55]Actin’ like my shit don’t stink when it’s supposed to (Right)
[02:39.64]I’m laughin’ on my way to the bank, I’m in that Rover (Haha)
[02:42.53]Bitch, watch that drink on my couch, look, here’s a coaster (Here)
[02:45.51]Had to cut back on my toast, get fully focused (Focused)
[02:48.33]Cadillac came with a toast, it’s fully loaded (Blah)
[02:51.25]Ten years killin’ this game, I’m really goated, nigga (Fuckin’ goat, nigga)
[02:56.30]I’m the motherfuckin’ greatest, nigga, I know you hate it, nigga (Yeah)
[03:01.64]Most underrated, at least they ain’t never underpayin’, Haha
[03:26.54]I don’t even know where to start, But you know, it’s 2000 shit, man
[03:32.67]If y’all wasn’t around in the 2000s, You wouldn’t know what really goin’ on, you feel me?
[03:38.91]We smokin’, we drinkin’, It’s good vibes, it’s the right vibe
[03:44.55]It’s the player vibe, 2000, we gettin’ this shit right, You feel me? All night
[03:54.64]Take that, take that, ’cause Diddy was just right here, you heard me?
[03:59.60]My nigga Joey Bada$$, two-fuckin’-thousand, We saw it in ’99, but now we in 2000
[04:08.27]Even though we in 2022 I think, but who’s countin’?
[04:12.27]We just countin’ money, ya dig?, I don’t even know what to say, I’m just here, you feel me?
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