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Ski Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Young Stoner Life, Young Thug & Gunna. You can download Gunna’s Ski song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Ski LRC Format
[ti:Ski] [ar:Young Stoner Life, Young Thug & Gunna] [lang:English] [length:02:32.40] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:02.65]Woo
[00:05.62]Spider, SEX
[00:07.60]Yeah, yeah (woo)
[00:09.41]Yeah (woo), yeah (yeah)
[00:11.04]Yeah (yeah), yeah
[00:12.46]Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)
[00:15.16]The price I want for a show, you gon’ need three promoters (woo)
[00:19.03]I got the body from Jim Ellis, but I had switched the motor (skrrt)
[00:22.73]I got these badass bitches riding ’round this bitch and they all the coldest (yeah)
[00:26.60]I just told her make a store run (yeah)
[00:28.67]I just bought all the Trojans (yeah), yeah (yeah)
[00:31.22]I told her stay out my mentions (yeah)
[00:33.90]I told her stop telling everything she seen and told her, “Meet me at the Ritz” (let’s go)
[00:37.13]I got baguettes in the back of my ring and I wasn’t even tryna hit (tryna hit, yeah, yeah)
[00:41.18]I told her she gotta run through the team
[00:43.45]Before she can talk to the leader (‘fore she can talk to the, yeah)
[00:46.19]Lamb chop, I just pulled up with some food (skrrt, skrrt)
[00:48.90]I told lil’ mama, “Tie all my shoes” (my shoes)
[00:50.49]Showed her two million cash, now she woozy (woah)
[00:52.77]20 watches and I’m still snoozin’ (20)
[00:55.30]I had came up out the trenches, then I had beat a few bodies like Boosie
[00:57.88]She said, “You murk ’em, I show you my coochie” (woo)
[01:0.00]I had to sing to this bitch like lil’ Toosii (woo, woah, woah, yee, woo)
[01:02.13]Yeah, yeah (woo)
[01:04.27]Yeah, yeah (ski)
[01:06.07]Yeah, yeah (ski)
[01:07.96]Yeah, yeah (let’s go)
[01:09.81]Bitch got a Backwood on her nightstand
[01:11.90]She must be fuckin’ with Gunna (yeah, yeah)
[01:14.02]I fuck with slatts and we come to eat racks
[01:15.77]And I came with some fuckin’ piranhas (yeah)
[01:17.91]All this Biscotti I got in my ‘Wood, need somebody grow me a tree (tree)
[01:21.45]Came out the hood, now my trunk got a hood, now I crank up the car with no keys
[01:25.18]Beat it, she for the street-neet-neets
[01:27.43]Only once, she got hit at the ‘spinini
[01:29.79]I feel a lil’ rich this week, to influence my family to not be cheap (be cheap)
[01:33.45]I tote an FN on me, call Neechie-Neech, just a Glocky key
[01:37.06]Duke Rollin’ 60’s, he locked in C’s
[01:39.01]We roll in that coupe with the bucket seats (bucket seats)
[01:41.38]Got out that mud like a football cleat
[01:43.27]I used to trap out of that four-door Jeep (four-door)
[01:45.09]Call up the plug and he know what I need (know what I need)
[01:47.21]Stay on her knees so we hardly speak (hardly speak, yeah)
[01:48.80]I’m in New York counting shmoney (yeah)
[01:50.92]Ain’t the stuntman, but I’m stuntin’ (yeah)
[01:53.39]Wunna, these vibes wanna love me (yeah)
[01:55.26]Not wifey, and no lovey-dovey
[01:56.92]Yeah, yeah (woo)
[01:58.80]Yeah, yeah (ski)
[02:00.25]Yeah, yeah (ski)
[02:02.20]Yeah, yeah (let’s go)
[02:04.31]Bitch had an Act’ stain on her jeans
[02:06.64]I know she fucking with Thugger (yeah, yeah)
[02:08.30]I fuck with slatts and we come to eat racks
[02:10.34]And I came with some fuckin’ piranhas (yeah)
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