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[ar:YNW Melly][lang:English][length:03:20.75][by:Dibya][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:03.07]World
[00:09.13]Oh, do you love
[00:13.55]Bae do you love me?
[00:16.95]I know that you know you're gonna, oh please
[00:20.96]You did what I said
[00:23.47]I'm like, dammit, you did what I said
[00:26.63]My love, my love, my love, my love, my love, my love, ohh
[00:36.56]Ohh, my love
[00:40.50]My, my, my baby told me that she want some ice
[00:46.78]Ohh, (Oh) ohh, ohh
[00:54.21]Ooh, girl, you know that you rock my world (My world)
[00:59.62]You know that these other lil' ho's (Ho's) ain't got shit on you, I know
[01:05.14]'Cause I never-ever-ever cuff on the low (I wouldn't)
[01:09.16]Baby, please guide me (I wouldn't)
[01:12.59]Won't you please just be my wifey (Wife)
[01:16.02]I don't like when you just type me (Type)
[01:19.29]Facetime me, let me tell you my love
[01:22.63]Ohh, my love, I love, ohh, my love
[01:29.69]Oh, my love, hah, oh, my love, my love
[01:37.00]My baby is drivin' me brazy (She's drivin' me brazy)
[01:40.39]Oh, lord, cannot replace you (Cannot replace)
[01:43.80]That pussy good I can't even lie (Can't even lie)
[01:47.20]That pussy poppin' just like fourth of July
[01:50.67]Ah, ah, and I wonder why (I wonder why)
[01:55.36]I wonder why
[01:58.40]When I look in the sky I think of everything you did for me and I
[02:03.57]Try not to look in my side of the eye (eye)
[02:06.72]These other bitches on my dick and I try not to lie (Lie)
[02:10.12]But they be so damn fucking thick that I just gotta smash (I gotta)
[02:13.38]Givenchy, ‘seppe, and I even bought a Louis tag (A tag)
[02:17.03]Wit' yo' fine ass (Bitty bitch)
[02:18.81]Just like a wine glass (Oh bitch)
[02:21.10]Owhoo, wow, wah, ohh
[02:31.29]Oh, my love, my baby, oh, my love, I never meant to be mean
[02:38.08]Oh, oh, please, oohwowoah, wah, whatcha eve-
[02:46.91]Oh, damn, yeah, ahh got too much to count, mhm, mhm, damn (Yeah)
[02:51.70]And once you eat the peach, it's like some cold spam
[02:55.09]And where was you when I was in my program?
[02:58.62]Oh, my love, no-one above could ever take me from you
[03:05.67]Oh, my love, uh, uh, there is nothing that for you I wouldn't do
[03:15.25]Oh, my love, my darling
[03:19.15]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



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