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CHASE / glass shards Lyrics Download by XXXTENTACION PDF/LRC File

CHASE / glass shards Lyrics Download by XXXTENTACION PDF/LRC File download music subtitles in *.lrc and *.pdf format from RC Lyrics Band is one of the best lyrics downloading platform which has a huge database of lyrics where a user can freely download local lyrics subtitles for their favorite music player.

[ar:XXXTENTACION (feat. ikabodVEINS)][lang:English][length:02:18.68][by:Dibya][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.60]What are you doing out in the middle of this field leaving your car?
[00:06.76]I'm just not sure what he's thinking
[00:09.77]He's getting back into his car, he's grabbed his bag
[00:13.62]And from our vantage there's no one around him
[00:17.78]You know, you wait for these things to end
[00:19.31]But then you figure out it might wind up
[00:21.96]He's completely alone
[00:24.65]This is really starting to worry me, I gotta tell ya
[00:30.05]I gotta tell ya
[00:31.19]I been speakin' to the reaper, seein' spirits when I'm sleepin'
[00:35.35]I been creepin' with them demons, shadows walk through the flames
[00:39.20]Sippin' blood with the leeches
[00:41.34]Fuck the God you believe in
[00:43.25]When I look in the mirror, all I see is disgrace
[00:47.28]All of this rage, feelin' my face
[00:49.58]Blood on the end of my blade
[00:51.36]Can't complain, everything okay
[00:53.26]Scars on my heart, from feelin' this pain
[00:55.27]Got a knife in my back, can't kill me though
[00:57.67]Numb to it all, my feelin's froze
[00:59.71]Pray to the sky, Lord, give me hope
[01:01.44]Bitch, I'm born alone and die alone
[01:03.98]K holes in my halo, slave for the peso
[01:06.28]Middle finger, fuck that
[01:07.81]Land of the free, feed cans to the teens
[01:09.45]Never trust police, bitch, I bust back
[01:11.86]Fuck the government, never trust that
[01:13.46]All the people wanna know where the love's at
[01:15.62]We already know where the fuckin' drugs at
[01:17.52]Where the guns at, get your scope, blatt
[01:22.68]Yeah, hey, hey
[01:32.99]I was in my house with some glass shards breaking out the backdoor (yeah)
[01:37.42]I'm a bear, she try claw (yeah)
[01:39.06]Then I broke her backbone
[01:40.85]Wild, heard her dad call
[01:42.73]Pushed me on the damn floor, told me, “Put my pants on”
[01:47.56]I was thinkin' a lot of things, by any means
[01:50.91]I'll kill this bitch nigga if he try to take me from fucking girl of my dreams
[01:54.52]I'll kill first, put his ass in the dirt
[01:57.10]Body bag 'cause he worth something that hurts
[01:59.32]And he won't be the first
[02:00.71]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


CHASE / glass shards Lyrics Download by XXXTENTACION PDF/LRC File:



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