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Xxplosive Lyrics Download is an English song sung by Dr. Dre (feat. Hittman, Six-Two, Nate Dogg & Kurupt). You can download Dr. Dre’s Xxplosive song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

Dr. Dre Xxplosive Song Lyrics PDF Download:


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Xxplosive LRC Format
[ti:Xxplosive] [ar:Dr. Dre (feat. Hittman, Six-Two, Nate Dogg & Kurupt)] [lang:English] [length:03:35.28] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:11.75]Xxplosive West coast shit My nigga-ish ways attract girls that used to turn they back
[00:17.48]Causing me to yank they arm and pose like I would do them harm
[00:20.31]Now I’m saying thank you cause they tell me My shit’s the bomb Xxplosive
[00:25.70]For my niggas drinking Cognac Smoking weed, always pack
[00:28.77]More than one firearm, chrome rims, riding on
[00:31.70]Chronic in your system, let me know my shit’s the bomb Xxplosive
[00:36.29]West Coast shit nigga Overdosage imperial pistols ferocious
[00:40.31]Fuck a bitch don’t tease bitch, strip tease bitch Eat a bowl of these bitch gobble the dick
[00:45.47]Hoes forgot to eat a dick can shut the fuck up Gobble and swallow a nut up
[00:49.72]Shut up and get my cash Backhanded, pimp-slapped backwards and left stranded
[00:54.14]Just pop ya collar, pimp convention, hoes for a dollar
[00:57.06]Six-Deuce in a plush, six-deuce impala Pimping hoes from Texas to Guatemala
[01:02.01]Bitch niggas paid for hoes, just to lay with hoes Relax one night, and paid to stay with hoes
[01:08.01]Captain Save’em all day, well save this dick Bitch nigga, you more of a bitch than a bitch
[01:14.02]You ain’t into hitting pussy or hitting the switch
[01:16.73]You into hitting bitches off of the grip You punk bitch
[01:20.42]All my real doggs still kick it with me All my down hoes still tricking with me
[01:26.08]All the true gangstas know Nate ain’t never love no ho All the hoodrats still shake it for me
[01:34.57]All my true fans still check it for me All the real smokers know Nate ain’t passing nothing but dope indeed
[01:45.06]Real trees, chronic leaves, no seeds When I met you last night baby Before I blew your mind
[02:05.55]I thought we had a chance, lady No more, now that I’m sober you ain’t that fine
[02:17.01]Don’t wanna treat you wrong Don’t wanna lead you on Here baby, hit the bong
[02:24.80]While the west coast rolls along While we still making gangsta hits
[02:30.20]You’ll be still jocking gangsta dicks Damn girl, you think you’re slick
[02:36.07]Somebody better get this bitch, this bitch
[02:38.44]I got these freaky hoes Clapping they hands, stomping they feet
[02:42.38]Every now and then they put they mouth on me Nowadays a G like me can’t even call it
[02:47.59]A 23-year old pussy fiend and freakaholic Pimping bitches on the regular, I put that on the G
[02:53.39]A hustler and a player, nowadays it pays to be
[02:56.36]Let me drop some shit about this bitch I used to know
[02:59.17]She gave your boy the head and said don’t let nobody know A bonafide pro, I had to grab the ho
[03:04.61]She got freaky in your sixty-four, I skeeted in her throat
[03:07.60]Been knowing the ho for four days, pimpin repays
[03:10.41]And I bet you didn’t know that she go both ways
[03:13.29]She ate her best friend, I left them hoes at the mote’
[03:16.01]They be beeping me and shit, but we don’t kick it no mo’ Them hot hoes is fiending, they on the nuts
[03:21.67]But bitch, I’m out your pussy when I nut, fo’ real, Xxplosive
[03:25.81]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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