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Written in the Stars Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the brand new album “2000” sung by Joey Bada$$. You can download Joey Bada$$’s Written in the Stars song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


Joey Bada$$ Written in the Stars Song Lyrics PDF Download:


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Written in the Stars LRC Format
[ti:Written in the Stars] [ar:Joey Bada$$] [al:2000] [lang:English] [length:05:12.92] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:33.02]So if you gon’ be great you gon’ have to be, You feel me? I said it, let’s go
[00:41.95]Come on, Turn my vocals up, Bring my vocals more to the front, Uh, yeah
[00:50.08]This shit is like (Alhamdulillah), Everything and more, you could actually sing this verse (Thank the Lord)
[00:56.34]You gotta remember, no matter where you at, shit could always be worse
[01:01.83]Toast for the better, little better
[01:04.38]Men lie, women lie, numbers stay stuck, All my opps unified, I wish ’em all luck
[01:09.59]Nobody’s untouchable, still I never been touched (Nevеr)
[01:12.41]Ain’t no chinks in my arm or this not even this cuff
[01:15.07]A sky with the wholе game in these Cartier buffs
[01:17.62]How the fuck could I complain? My nigga, just look at us
[01:20.38]Trips down memory lane, we took the bus (Right)
[01:22.90]Now we getting escorts to the plane, we way up
[01:25.87]Yesterday’s price and tomorrow’s gotta pay up (Yeah)
[01:28.44]Say my stock like a teenage cock, it stays up (Haha)
[01:31.00]Knowing that my time is borrowed so I stay prayed up (Uh)
[01:33.81]My pockets got this I got my weight up (Weight)
[01:36.47]Over time I learned to move smarter with this paper (Facts)
[01:39.02]’Cause when I had my daughter yo that was the wake up (Facts) 529B for my lil’ baby (Uh huh)
[01:48.21]What’s the aftermath? God, niggas get shady (Uh-huh)
[01:50.89]We gon’ see who get the last laugh, they tryna play me
[01:53.43]My lifestyle a movie, I’m feeling like Scorsese
[01:56.13]Sexy like Swayze, just a bit more wavy (Uh, right)
[01:58.88]Catch me in the ‘Cedes, dirty dancing with your lady (Right)
[02:01.43]She do it like Brady, really, how could you blame me?
[02:04.39]Niggas can’t relate so they hate me (Uh huh)
[02:06.33]That’s why I keep the Glock by the waist, it’s no safety
[02:08.75]Lately, gotta stay dangerous ’cause niggas taking aim at us
[02:11.74]Paparazzi tryna spot me sloppy on the cameras (Uh huh)
[02:14.40]But I see the bigger pictures, I set the parameters (Right)
[02:17.06]And anyone who beg to differ, I smoke ’em like cannabis
[02:19.88]You amateurs can’t handle us, trust me they ain’t finna blow
[02:22.70]They just really fans of us, they just think I didn’t know
[02:25.36]I see them hide behind the critics and the analysts
[02:27.71]They get to talking scandalous when they ain’t understanding us
[02:30.51]But I’m a seasoned veteran (Right), always get the upper hand (Yeah)
[02:33.39]Niggas going nowhere fast doing the running man
[02:35.94]Shotgun in place with their feet up on the brakes
[02:38.30]Tryna expand but stay the same size like rubber bands
[02:41.63]In the meantime I rolls like the son of man, Shine like stunna man, looked out for all my pros
[02:47.01]Forever my brother them, even if they all become cons
[02:50.09]In the end, I would do it all again, No hesitation, the talk with patience
[02:54.31]Brought me many revelations that I’d be taking
[02:56.88]On this path that I’m blazin’, this top position that I’m now embracin’
[03:00.59]Could give a fuck about the praising, bitch I know I’m cold
[03:03.22]I’m half man half amazing I defy the odds, Leader of my generation, down to die for the cause
[03:08.44]We all fighting the wars, hiding invisible scars (Right)
[03:11.36]Legend in the making, these bars was written in the stars
[03:15.94]Yeah, legend in the making, these bars was written in the stars (Stars)
[03:21.83]Legend in the making, these bars was written in the stars (Stars), God
[03:30.82]Uh, uh, uh, Now we receive, Every day that we breathe
[03:47.51]For new opportunities, new lessons, new blessings, no stressing, Yeah
[03:54.27]No weapon formed against me shall prosper, Right, that’s right
[04:05.02]Men lie, women lie, numbers stay stuck, Somebody get hurt (Right), Hmm
[04:14.19]Do this all with the ease, Godspeed, Cheers my niggas, can y’all hear me out there?
[04:22.11]Can y’all hear me out there?, It’s all right now, Remember I told y’all, it’s all right now
[04:30.66]It used to be us all fucked up but nah, it’s all right, Yeah, let’s go up, congratulations
[04:37.79]To my little brother, the Baddest, you know what I’m saying, Yeah, you in your now kid
[04:46.30]Ayo we come from that dirt, that fucking concrete, you know what I’m saying
[04:50.79]New York niggas gotta start acting like New York niggas everybody get lost you know what I’m saying
[04:56.98]Congratulations to the top, never stop, Love
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