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Whole Lotta Grey Lyrics Download – $UICIDEBOY$ PDF / LRC File


Whole Lotta Grey Lyrics Download – $UICIDEBOY$

Whole Lotta Grey Lyrics Download - $UICIDEBOY$ LRC Format
[ti:Whole Lotta Grey] [ar:$UICIDEBOY$ & Shakewell] [al:SHAMELESS $UICIDE] [lang:English] [length:03:06.12] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:03.54]I got, I got, I got, I got, I got a (Two to beam up, Scotty)
[00:08.57]Forty on my hip, I got a thirty up my nose
[00:10.65]I got twenty-inch rims, holdin' it down with ten toes
[00:13.84]I got zero time for hoes (Sorry, ladies), nine is the gang
[00:16.70]I'm just sayin' how it goes, I'm just showin' off my fame
[00:18.16]All these lames, all these dames, all these chains, I can't do it
[00:20.80]All this fame, all these claims
[00:22.27]All the same, I think I'm movin' (Yeah)
[00:23.94]Walk wild 'round my body, Oddy fuck with nobody (No)
[00:26.58]I make millions off a hobby, still feel anxious in the lobby, yuh
[00:30.02]Yeah, it's like my soul is made of Richard camouflage
[00:33.24]I'm in a Dodge in a garage huffin' exhaust, huh, yeah
[00:36.32]Realest thing 'bout me is my middle name Norman
[00:39.52]This whole time y'all have been witnessin' my Joker performance
[00:42.27]I don't give a fuck, I'm over it
[00:45.16]Take me off my leash and then be Ruby the fuckin' Doberman
[00:48.16]Take these cars, outfits, stupid trends off social media
[00:51.02]All I see is demons conjuring to pedophilia (Ugh, y'all nasty)
[01:01.28]I got, I got, I got, I got (Two to beam up, Scotty)
[01:04.33]I got Glocks with no kick (Fah), I got Ks with a switch (Yeah)
[01:08.39]I got head I can't forget from a young New Orleans witch (Bitch)
[01:11.34]I got Xans in my, I got, uh, lemme check
[01:13.23]That's your whole lifes work on my motherfuckin' wrist (Ooh-ooh)
[01:17.88]I got chains all wet (What), I got pain in my glass (Yeah)
[01:20.40]Fuck your song, I'on't care (Nuh)
[01:22.41]Fuck your gang, it don't compare (Grey)
[01:23.32]If I hang this in the air
[01:24.83]Got it tatted on my throat (What)
[01:26.22]I'm the Antonym of broke
[01:27.80]Change my legal name to G.O.A.T. (Wet, wet, wet)
[01:29.90]She like, “Oh my God, why you go that hard?”
[01:32.16]Everything that Wetto touch, it turn to avant-garde
[01:35.07]Mojo, then pull up hard, just put some in my arm
[01:38.14]They call me Checkmark Shawty
[01:39.81]Shoot like Jason Bourne (Shoot, shoot, shoot)
[01:41.57]Shakewell need a hunnid pack, throw my dawg a hunnid racks
[01:43.22]Carryin' the game, you would think I got a hunnid backs (North)
[01:47.23]Googlin' my net worth, that won't even cover tax
[01:50.45]Still that boy up out the shack, fix your mouth and run it back (Wet)
[02:00.84]I got, I got, I got, I got (Two to beam up, Scotty)
[02:04.81]I got nothing else to say that ain't already said
[02:08.56]I got people want me dead
[02:09.68]'Cause of messages I ain't read (I ain't read)
[02:11.54]I got fifty-nine problems, I solve 'em with FNs (FN, yeah)
[02:14.46]Nine times out of ten
[02:16.35]It be always your best friend (Best friend, yeah)
[02:17.59]I got sweat, drippin' fit, I'm a poison
[02:19.33]Demons dance around, cut 'em down with my forces
[02:23.30]She cream on my cock when she bop in her corset
[02:25.68]I'ma hug the block with my Hellcat and my Kel-Tec, hellbent
[02:28.95]Fuck a mood rin', I got more swings than ARs (Pop, pop!)
[02:33.40]Drivin' too sus', I put thirty in your new car (Oh no, no)
[02:35.51]That boy don't drink, this three hundred make him blackout
[02:39.40]Hit her from the front but this backstroke make her tap out
[02:43.11]SMG the five nine, it go la-la-la-la
[02:46.50]Two Two Three the backline, let it sing, let it sing
[02:47.66]Like it my Springfield XD9
[02:50.22]Yeah my glocky Regis Philbin that boy need a lifeline



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