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God Is Love Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the album “10” sung by Westside Gunn (feat. Keisha Plum & Stove God Cooks). You can download Westside Gunn’s God Is Love song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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God Is Love LRC Format
[ti:God Is Love] [ar:Westside Gunn (feat. Keisha Plum & Stove God Cooks)] [al:10] [lang:English] [length:05:21.28] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.07](Conductor), Woah, uh-huh, (Conductor, we have a problem)
[00:05.99]Nackie Chan, wha-ta!, Yo, son
[00:14.63]Santo Domingo, helpin’ the Gus to get to the people
[00:18.52]It’s niggas watchin’ us shine like kings, bro (Shiny)
[00:21.62]Golden ring though, a lot of bling and all jingle
[00:25.87]All my niggas are dogs like dingo (Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof)
[00:29.05]Call the bitches to come and mingle (Mommy)
[00:32.24]Pack a forty-fifth and some hard white singles, yeah
[00:35.98]Forty dollars, a head buster, bell ringer
[00:38.79]Makin’ the paper to stack up chips that tall like Pringles (Money)
[00:42.85]Took off a nigga roof and watch
[00:44.94]Pieces of him lift and fall like shingles (Bah, bah, bah, bah)
[00:48.02]Pop the cork and toast it, fourth Clicquot, We done made this work
[00:52.16]The dopest niggas that got exposed that we gon’— (Yeah)
[00:54.94]Can’t believe he gettin’ dirt and really told on his people (He folded)
[00:58.31]In the streets, deal with Os of perico (Word)
[01:00.70]Look at this nigga arm, you can tell by the inside (Uh-huh)
[01:03.88]It was only used for just to poke in needles and shit (Fuck)
[01:07.34]He’d want it even more if he knew it was lethal (That’s crazy)
[01:10.52]The dope came up (Uh-huh), what, what? Been on my ten toes, yo (Nack)
[01:15.04]I tap the jumper like it’s Dominican then bolt bro (Jokin’)
[01:18.39]Feel offensive, but when I sing in the Benzo (Vroom)
[01:21.48]I up it from downers, Addies and benzos, yeah
[01:24.01]Diamond dancin’ (Uh), nine-hundred and ninety-six grams
[01:27.89]We lost a few in the unwrappin’, more in the pan (Yeah)
[01:30.69]Fuck it, the last twelve, they dropped back like Randall Cunningham (They did)
[01:34.57]I had to hop step on it like Ja Morant (Haha)
[01:37.99]Then them tear pants with the candles (Stove)
[01:40.71]Scorpions on the Carmelo Anthony (Stove), They dropped me out the clouds
[01:44.33]I landed in coke water in the kitchen sink (Woo)
[01:46.89]The answer is me (Woo), I told the plug “Make sure it’s Tia Landry
[01:50.84]I want it to look like the last one you handed me” (I do)
[01:53.66]He hopped out swingin’ the chopper like a canopy (Brrt, bah, bah)
[01:57.38]I left my soul in the kitchen in my sanity (In my sanity)
[02:01.10]The flip phone do a hundred-grand a week
[02:03.49]Angela Bassett, I had it flamin’ in the street (Haha)
[02:07.00]Fork in the pot, you hear the pan tink (Tink), Now I move it all hands-free
[02:11.92]My bitch doin’ her make-up in the vanity, look like DaniLeigh (She do)
[02:15.20]I bought a Chanel bag, just to ride in a sprinter van full of keys
[02:19.08]And when she made it (When she made it), When she made it (When she made it)
[02:23.60]We celebrated when she made it, When she made it, when she made it, Stove
[02:37.59]Peace, God, God is love, God, I love God, Even with the devil on my shoulder
[02:47.31]God is love, FLYGOD is forever, Big Griselda, bigger villains
[02:55.01]One beginning, one ending, (Conductor)
[03:01.88]Put the flash on him, Benny the Butcher, man, how you feel, dawg?
[03:06.30]At the top of the world, but it’s still all, My boy Westside Gunn, nigga
[03:11.88]Put me on his damn back, said, “Get-Get ’em”
[03:15.07]And never mind what they talkin’ ’bout
[03:17.46]Real niggas pull the money out when the drama out
[03:20.28]Real nigga put the money down, the drum out
[03:23.20]Millionaire, I’ll pull the llama out your mama mouth
[03:26.12]Take the money out the damn bus, you on the couch
[03:29.05]Put the pistol in your daughter mouth, you on the couch
[03:31.97]We gon’ go around the corner with that Glock .50
[03:34.89]Poppin’ off about a hundred at these pop niggas
[03:38.61]G-Wagon and I’m G baggin’, Bitch-ass nigga talkin’ ’bout he heat clappin’
[03:43.69]And I done heard about your pussy ass
[03:46.08]Next time I catch your boy, he rolled up in grass
[03:49.01]Count the cash, count the cash and I’m livin’ fast
[03:51.93]So quick to do the homicide with the mask, Take the mask off, broad day a nigga
[03:57.77]What the fuck you wanna do about that cold killer?
[04:00.43]Chain vicious, what’s the issue ’bout my damn dawgs?
[04:03.35]My boy, F.N.F, man that’s poppin’ off, Low-key, start to call
[04:08.40]Taboo, motherfucker, tell these niggas we goin’ hard
[04:11.85]Real niggas do real things, but all many
[04:14.51]Bitch-ass niggas gon’ hate, that’s all in ’em
[04:17.43]Envy in us niggas, that’s jealously, all hate
[04:20.35]You’re desperate to see a nigga upstate
[04:23.01]The real in my eyes couldn’t let that shit ride
[04:25.93]D-I-E as a nigga swallow his pride
[04:28.85]Never take my pride or my motherfuckin’ stripes
[04:31.77]Knee deep in the bullet, am I, huh?, The game be my wife, the lane be my ice
[04:37.61]The .45 steel to a nigga brain twice, That .9 millimeter revolve a nigga
[04:43.19]Got that, got that bitch poppin’ off, ‘fore I solve you niggas
[04:46.28]Shoutouts to them boys who did that time, Twans Hat, you my nigga, I did that line
[04:51.86]When the first time I seen that boy go to the Earth
[04:54.78]The first time I seen that boy go to the birth
[04:57.88].38 Special, a killer, real right, And every dime who hatin’ the block all night
[05:03.46]F.N.F, fuck niggas finances, While the goddamn gold frame dances
[05:09.46]Griselda, by Fashion Rebels
[05:13.71]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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