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WAY PAST LUCK Lyrics Download by DJ Khaled PDF/LRC File

WAY PAST LUCK Lyrics Download by DJ Khaled PDF/LRC File download music subtitles in *.lrc and *.pdf format from RC Lyrics Band is one of the best lyrics downloading platform which has a huge database of lyrics where a user can freely download local lyrics subtitles for their favorite music player.

[ti:WAY PAST LUCK][ar:DJ Khaled (feat. 21 Savage)][al:GOD DID][lang:English][length:02:17.01][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.24]Woah, woah (We The Best Music), Woah, woah, woah
[00:07.70]Yeah, woah, woah (Another one, DJ Khaled)
[00:12.51]I got fake friends givin' me hugs, I got record labels givin' me dubs
[00:17.05]You can't book me at clubs, Police hate me, white fans show me love
[00:20.94]I just gave away bikes with a judge, I grew up in the mud
[00:24.93]Legal money, I got rich from workin', I give back to my hood on purpose
[00:29.71]When you make it to the top, you know them rumors gon' surface
[00:32.63]Know you talk behind my back 'cause your ass always be nervous
[00:36.26]Everything private on the jet, we got curtains (Uh)
[00:39.34]Thirty thousand feet and this bitch bust out twerkin'
[00:42.43]I ain't from New Orleans, but I know that you heard me
[00:45.51]I don't play tennis, but the models, they serve me
[00:48.44]Feel like I'm that nigga, but plenty women done curved me
[00:51.62]Know my worth, I gave myself that many women didn't deserve me
[00:54.55]Trusted you, gave you my heart, and you did nothin' but hurt me
[00:57.78]But one thing 'bout them tables, they just don't stop turning
[01:00.85]One thing 'bout them tables, they just don't stop
[01:03.68]Yeah, one thing 'bout this money, it just won't stop
[01:07.03]Heart inside the trenches, I can't go pop, We make street records and they go pop
[01:13.41]Still stand on business even though I'm rich, Niggas out of pocket, grab the pool stick
[01:19.68]She don't get her purse, then she gon' throw a fit
[01:22.61]But she ride me like a rodeo, no bullshit, I own a lot of homes, I got good deeds
[01:28.76]Dottin' all my I's and crossin' all my T's, Lookin' at my children, all I see is me
[01:35.29]You know it's different when you responsible for how somebody breathe
[01:38.44]Make sure that they eat 'cause I'm a hustler, I don't believe in ghosts, but he's a buster
[01:43.22]Top shotta, the streets know how many niggas we done roughed up
[01:46.16]Ferrari one-point-two, remember ridin' in a pluck-pluck
[01:49.51]Forty million a year, this shit right here way past lucked up
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