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Versatile 3 Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Kodak Black. You can download Kodak Black’s Versatile 3 song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:Versatile 3] [ar:Kodak Black] [lang:English] [length:05:37.24] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:04.57](Peso P got that work, work), (100% Juice)
[00:14.93]Uh, Kodak bought a Wraith, they say lil’ Kodak bought a Wraith
[00:19.07]And I keep the best molly comin’ outer space
[00:22.79]Scat Pack orray, I paint it matte black today, uh
[00:26.51]And I got the freshest cars in the USA, uh
[00:30.23]Tesla painted grape, I only drive it Saturday
[00:33.95]In your natural state, you look better by the way
[00:37.87]Hip, hip, hooray, I bought a sick whip today, yeah
[00:41.48]Bust down Patek face, you’d think I’m playin’ patty cake, uh
[00:45.20]Cutlass sitting high, my other cutlass sitting higher
[00:48.66]Niggas wanna die, I’m sending hits all through the wire
[00:52.64]Trap swinging hard, yet we need more, Hurry up and order, ain’t no posting by my door, uh
[01:00.08]Booming on my porch, booming on my mama porch, uh
[01:03.80]Sniper Gang boys making noise, uh, I got hella toys, but I ain’t no little boy, uh
[01:11.23]Baby blue coupe for my boo in Illinois
[01:14.95]I hate my baby mama, but she still gon’ drivе the Porsche
[01:18.40]We ain’t on onе accord but she can’t drive no damn Accord
[01:22.39]Pulling out the foreigns where I’m going
[01:26.02]My bitch look like Lauren, got four wheelers in the storage
[01:29.33]I can’t stop, I been raw like this since a baby
[01:36.82]I’m gon’ always go hard like this, I ain’t gay, boy, get off my dick
[01:44.26]Gucci shades with a all-white fit, Gucci fragrance, ayy
[01:51.69]I can’t stop, I been raw like this since a baby
[01:59.03]I’m gon’ always go hard like this, I ain’t gay, boy, get off my dick
[02:06.46]Gucci shades with a all-white fit, I’m the greatest, ayy
[02:12.81]I buy you every color diamond earrings since you can’t hear
[02:17.39]I’m a big old Z like I’m Zimbabwe, ayy yeah, I’m in the club, I’m doing my Z dance
[02:23.90]They parked the car right here, let me jump out with this tree branch, yeah
[02:28.20]She gon’ make love to the dick, She be like uh, she be like yum yum
[02:32.18]Baby say hmm on the tip (Peso P got that work, work)
[02:33.61]Baby say hmm, baby say mmm-hmm, Ayy, do take care of your sack, ’cause baby I like to hunch
[02:40.05]And do you wipe front to back, or do you wipe back to front? (100% Juice)
[02:43.50]Dice game make a nigga co-oh
[02:45.10]Man, I swear ion be planning in this shit
[02:47.55]Like, all this shit just happen like that, dawg
[02:49.73]So fuck it, this a Versatile 3, loop the beat
[02:53.97]Milk a nigga, break a nigga fast, that ain’t Captain Crunch
[03:00.08]That ain’t no cap, I’m fitted, Nigga, them racks look skinny
[03:03.80]Who the hell you niggas be killing?, Where the hell you niggas be posted?
[03:11.24]I just hit a lick on Copans, They gon’ hate you being yourself
[03:17.85]They want the cards that you was dealt, Got so much ice, they wish you melt
[03:25.41]Give me a demo of that meth, Gave me a sample of that meth, yeah, I tried it and I liked it
[03:33.55]Locked up in a cell, got me, yeah, Gave me a sample of that meth, yeah, I tried it and I liked it
[03:40.99]Locked up in a cell, got me wondering where my life went
[03:44.59]I’m livin’ on a prayer, the only thing that get me there, mmm
[03:51.32]It’s like I’m chasing after death, me and my niggas, we be sniping
[03:55.98]Knew you wasn’t real, got me feeling like I’m psychic
[03:59.43]You love me, but how well? This shit be hard for me to tell, uh-huh
[04:06.34]I’m blowing KK in the air, ayy, That shit be hard for me to smell mmm
[04:13.69]Got all these VVs in my ear, That shit be hard for me to hear
[04:21.30]I stay surrounded by the goons, Jonny Monsoon
[04:25.28]Can’t be runnin’ round screwin’, Jonny Monsoon
[04:28.70]I need another mushroom, Jonny Monsoon
[04:32.47]I feel like blood is on the moon, Jonny Monsoon
[04:36.06]I think I’m Jonny Monsoon, You can’t be callin’ so soon, Jonny Monsoon
[04:41.69]You can’t be callin’ me this late, I’m sleep, Jonny Monsoon
[04:45.59]I party seven freakin’ days a week, Jonny Monsoon
[04:49.21]Tonight, the party’s at the rave, I don’t like my women under age
[04:56.35]Free all my dawgs, they in the cage, ayy
[05:00.17]Let ’em know I’m from Broward and don’t say Dade
[05:03.78]Baby want me to go back to my fade, She miss that throwback Kodak wave
[05:08.03]Was just a lil’ shooter, ain’t have no future
[05:09.89]But I can’t go back to them days, Versatile three, wait ’til you hear eight
[05:14.04]’Rari paper plates, told my dawg we gon’ be straight, Look, Wally we really made it
[05:19.32]Look at this shit, it really done took off, I’m glad I ain’t stick to football
[05:22.93]I’m glad I’m still ain’t stuck in the back of the projects playin’ the lookout
[05:26.82]We was the youngest, me and youngin, remember everything it took y’all
[05:30.31]I kept rappin’, I made it happen, I’d be a bitch nigga if I shook y’all
[05:34.29]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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