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Velociraptor Lyrics Download by Bladee PDF/LRC File


Velociraptor LRC Format
[00:12.23]Endless loss
[00:14.94]Endless touch (touch)
[00:17.61]My soul is sold
[00:20.49]I can't get enough
[00:24.40]Graceful fall
[00:26.23]Wish me be, crushed against the rocks
[00:29.53]Gravity calls
[00:32.23]I can't doubt that I ever was
[00:37.22]Nine, this not even my final form
[00:40.30]Walk a mile in my shoes, you should try it on
[00:42.62]Through the trials and tribulation, we still going on
[00:45.94]I forgave you the past, take a
[00:48.67]Make a list, every miss, it's a mile long
[00:51.26]Tryna deal with the feels but they pile on (Pile on)
[00:54.33]Energy is a wave you can ride on
[00:57.32]Venomous is alass, python
[01:00.08]Tryna see what I need, leave the lights on
[01:02.69]If it bleeds then it's real, that's what I'm on
[01:05.70]Put the signs in the air for the icon
[01:09.00]Testing, testing
[01:10.87]Testing, testing
[01:14.49]Trashing, trashing
[01:16.52]Trashing, trashing
[01:20.48]Blushing, blushing
[01:22.57]Blushing, trashing (Gone)
[01:25.94]Blessing, blessing
[01:28.04]Blessing, session
[01:31.85]Graceful falls
[01:35.20]Nature's laws
[01:38.18]Perfect flaws
[01:40.44]In a way, we're the only ones
[01:43.87]Clenching jaws, frost won't, frost won't thaw
[01:48.90]It goes hard, find a way to be funnier
[01:54.98]Testing, oh-ooh
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Bladee – “Spiderr” Album (2022):

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