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Unholy Matrimony Lyrics Download by Giveon PDF/LRC File


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[ti:Unholy Matrimony][ar:Giveon][lang:English][length:03:20.54][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:13.60]White gown hanging in the closet Black tuxedo that I never got to wear
[00:22.31]No invitation sent out anywhere We don't have any guests to fill the chairs
[00:30.34]I believe we could've been together in a past life
[00:35.47]But right now we're committed to the fast life
[00:39.60]All we waiting for behind these chapel doors Is a crashing course to a bad divorce
[00:47.88]Walking down the aisle to the organ Playing Here Comes The Bride as a warning
[00:55.48]The reality set in We don't wanna do this anymore Can't go through with this no more
[01:04.40]Cold feet, someone speak up Or forever hold your peace Stand up, say it loud
[01:14.32]Hear the whispers in the crowd Somebody stop us now Before we say our vows
[01:21.08]Rice thrown in the air Family cheer and praise
[01:24.96]Drop top drives away “Just married” on our plates
[01:28.94]Before we get too far and this ends the hard way
[01:33.61]Just keep your white gown in the closet And this black tuxedo that I never get to wear
[01:42.77]No flower girl to walk with the ring bearer No grooms and no raising glass in air
[01:50.90]Well now I know we'll never know what happens When the love just ain't the same no more
[01:58.94]There's only divorce, we're waiting for our time When emotions run their course
[02:06.92]White gowns in the closet And these rings that we'll never get to wear
[02:14.79]Bridesmaids won't catch bouquets in the air
[02:18.57]Train of garment won't be dragging down the stairs
[02:22.25]All our stories ended way too soon You're suppose to love me to the tomb
[02:30.29]Hardly stood a chance to tell the truth
[02:34.00]Speak baby, tell me that you knew We came all this way to lose
[02:44.06]But, what I did learn, is Love will give you what you need
[02:51.74]But also, take what you don't appreciate This is crazy
[02:56.38]This is crazy Anyway, humm Alright, I'ma get off the phone 'cause
[03:05.20]I got some cryin' to do It's happy tears though Love you
[03:13.34]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM




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