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[ti:BUCKHEAD] [ar:$UICIDEBOY$ & Germ] [al:DIRTIESTNASTIEST$UICIDE] [lang:English] [length:03:03.96] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:06.44](You did good, $lick)
[00:11.99]Ooh ooooh!
[00:13.75]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (ayyy!)
[00:17.19]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (ayyy!)
[00:20.52]Yeah (Northside!)
[00:21.35]Yeah, yeah (Northside!)
[00:23.19]Yeah, yeah (Northside!)
[00:25.20]Yeah, yeah (Northside, ayyy!)
[00:27.03]Rolling with them animals like Noah's ark (wha)
[00:28.90]Bitch I got the blade like I'm Joan of Arc (yea)
[00:30.48]Crazy with the chop when I'm off a bar (yea)
[00:31.96]Spraying in the air hollering “Kill 'em all” (wha, wha)
[00:33.85]Slick baby off of that shit
[00:35.48]Devil from outta that pit
[00:37.22]Levels to this, I been sick
[00:38.82]Fuck it up up in the pit (oh)
[00:40.80]Yea, uh, yea (Northside)
[00:42.44]I been popping pills and sipping drop (been sipping drop)
[00:45.86]I spent 20 years up on that block (up on that block)
[00:49.13]Beating on my chest I feel like Kong (I feel like Kong)
[00:52.90]Let me talk my shit, it's been too long
[00:55.00]Yeah, uh (arrgh)
[00:56.02]Plugged in like a socket (wha)
[00:57.78]Up in space like a rocket (yea)
[00:59.43]Glock tucked in my pocket (ah)
[01:01.14]Choppa here, it got bodies (wha)
[01:02.93]Bought that bitch a new body (yeah)
[01:05.50]Crib came with a lobby (ay)
[01:06.45]Rappers know I'm they papi (wha, what)
[01:08.00]Sipping drank and rolling slow
[01:09.54]My bitch powder her nose (powder her nose)
[01:11.49]Haters mad and want me sad
[01:12.98]But my net worth said no (no no no)
[01:15.08]Mad 'cause they still broke
[01:16.59]Mad I kicked that dope
[01:18.41]Ten toes Germ my folk
[01:20.24]It's your time gang, go go go go!
[01:21.78]First off I'm that nigga
[01:23.37]Step in, take my picture
[01:25.16]Grey Five Nine the army
[01:26.51]Walking dead man, bitch this thriller
[01:28.35]I been ducked and duckin', puffin' onions
[01:30.42]Bitches stank, ain't munchin' nothing
[01:32.07]I been around, still can't call it for nothin'
[01:33.52]These niggas still bluffin' and these zooties I'm puffin'
[01:35.35]Started off giving no fucks a lot (yeah)
[01:37.28]Watch me hop in and out, keepin' it hot
[01:38.83]Rocks in the dial, bussin' Kodak Bop (yeah)
[01:40.70]Get higher than the moon and stars a lot
[01:42.25]Stones and the rubies, they bussin' like fye
[01:43.96]Crosshairs on my mind can't seem to take me out
[01:45.72]Hol' up, she on my line, gimme some time
[01:47.38]I can't get away, no time to unwind
[01:51.99]Slidin', I'm in my own lane
[01:53.22]Slidin', in n' out of dames
[01:54.51]Slidin', never needed fame
[01:55.82]Slidin', you ain't even paid
[01:56.99]Slidin', still don't hold weight (bitch!)
[01:58.56]Another homicide
[01:59.52]Another homie died
[02:00.33]Another subject you couldn't relate to
[02:01.85]I been out roamin long time, losin' my mind
[02:03.90]I think I just had me a breakthrough, hate you
[02:05.51]G59 bring da business (yeah)
[02:06.84]Fifty-nine shots my ammunition (yeah)
[02:08.91]Five Nine, we draped in linen
[02:10.54]Five Nine might toss you some pennies (bad shit!)
[02:12.80]Never looking back (yeah)
[02:13.98]Do my best to cover my tracks (yeah)
[02:15.52]Feeding the monkey that's climbing my spine
[02:17.04]And in return, my itches always get scratched (uh)
[02:18.93]Never again have to wait in a line
[02:20.44]But I wait for the lines to get formed out the sac (nope)
[02:22.31]Fuckin' a different bitch every night
[02:23.85]But I'd rather get fucked up and pass out
[02:26.29]Platinum plaques (oh)
[02:27.01]Stadiums packed (oh)
[02:27.99]Stackin' up racks (oh)
[02:28.98]Hoes on my lap (oh!)
[02:29.95]Don't give a fuck (oh!)
[02:30.74]I need to know where my stash at (oh, oh, ohh!)
[02:33.19]Losing my mind (ohh!)
[02:33.94]Wasting my time (ohh!)
[02:34.91]Ain't doing fine (ohhh!)
[02:36.50]Hating my life (aahhh!)
[02:37.75]Ah, fuck…
[02:39.90]Wear my heart on my sleeve but it ain't Balenciaga (nope)
[02:43.03]Prolly FTP or G59 or something by Ariagga (yeah, yeah)
[02:46.44]Bought some Prada boots
[02:47.79]Just to curb stomp me a pussy (fuck you, pussy!)
[02:49.84]Why they always lookin' at me?
[02:51.49]'Cause they see what they never could be (ha ha ha ha!)
[02:53.24]Oddy Nuff stay on alert
[02:54.94]Yeah, she pullin' up her skirt and then I skrrt (uh)
[02:57.89]Avoid the swell but still I fuckin surf (uh)
[03:00.79]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



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