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The World Is Yours To Take Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Tears for Fears & Lil Baby. You can download Lil Baby’s The World Is Yours To Take song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:The World Is Yours To Take] [ar:Tears for Fears & Lil Baby] [lang:English] [length:02:47.08] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:16.80]Welcome to your life, There’s no turning back
[00:16.82]I’m by far one of the hardest workers
[00:18.84]Real firm believer in “Practice make perfect”
[00:20.96]You can gather all the water, stay thirsty
[00:23.08]Took a lot to get us here, we broke curses
[00:25.21]Kill or be killed, the field show no mercy
[00:27.60]Losers just lose while winners get worshiped
[00:29.46]I came here for fun, let’s get turnt up
[00:31.82]Somebody pass me a Budweiser, a cold one
[00:33.84]I wanna rule the world, I can’t hold you
[00:35.97]Hell of a life, I feel like I’m chosen
[00:38.10]Head on tight, I feel like I’m focused, I ain’t ever satisfied, I want more
[00:42.08]Covid came and held us up, we back rollin’
[00:44.47]Look at all the people in here, we got motion
[00:46.59]Everybody back outside, that’s somethin’ to toast to
[00:48.72]Whole bunch of real good vibes, it feel so cool
[00:50.85]I think it’s about that time, it’s gettin’ closer
[00:52.97]Whole lotta fingers crossed, a lotta hopin’
[00:55.10]Wishin’ for the best, preparin’ for the worst too
[00:57.22]Got out here and bust my ass, I had to work too
[00:59.35]Some stuff is out of my hand, I can’t control it
[01:01.50]If I don’t know nothin’, dawg, I know one thing
[01:03.51]Everybody wants to rule the world, (Everybody wants to rule the world)
[01:10.11](Everybody wants to rule the world), Everybody wants to rule the world
[01:20.37]I think I left all my feelings at home, It’s okay, won’t be using ’em anyway
[01:24.62]I’m determined to win, each and every way
[01:27.09]Give thanks to the Most High, each and every day
[01:29.10]Even when it’s a sport, I ain’t come to play
[01:31.23]I be serious, that’s what works for me
[01:33.35]Same swang every day, I can’t switch routine
[01:35.64]Tryna go see some places I never seen
[01:37.40]I done said a whole lot, never said it’s easy
[01:39.78]Tryna climb to the top, I’m just steady creepin’
[01:41.64]Could be better a lot but I’m more than decent
[01:44.18]Kind of feel like a dream but I’m wide awake
[01:46.22]They don’t give you the title, you gotta take it
[01:48.25]Lots of energy mixed with determination
[01:50.55]I’m a goer, I don’t like procrastination
[01:52.52]I’m just growin’, I feel like I need my space
[01:54.55]When you really the truth, you don’t gotta fake it
[01:56.68]I’m so close to the finish line, gotta make it
[01:58.80]Gotta go when it’s crunch, I can’t hesitate
[02:01.10]Handle business on time, I ain’t ever late
[02:03.22]I’m with y’all but I come from another place
[02:05.08]One thing we got in common is that
[02:07.47]Everybody wants to rule the world, (Everybody wants to rule the world)
[02:13.85](Everybody wants to rule the world), Everybody wants to rule the world
[02:18.04](Everybody wants to rule the world), (Everybody wants to rule the world)
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