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[ti:The Vent][ar:Tory Lanez][al:Sorry 4 What][lang:English][length:04:05.79][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.83]Yeah (you make me believe, ooh), Start this shit off right (you make me believe, yeah, yeah)
[00:08.38]Why don't we? (Make me believe), (You make me believe)
[00:14.22]Oh man, oh man (you make me believe), Feels good though (make me believe)
[00:22.85]Listen, Everybody's a critic, shit, everybody can get it
[00:26.61]Got all these plaques on the wall, Man, every car that I sit in, it's satin slid in exhaust
[00:31.03]Six cylinder the engine, ceilings with stars
[00:32.89]Nigga, of course I'm Venetian Bridge drivin'
[00:35.54]395 and more live than I have ever been, spend a night in Setai
[00:39.54]Did some tusslin' with Thugger friends, but fuck it
[00:41.65]Then we can't each other brother 'til somebody fight but nobody die
[00:44.75]I see grey clouds, covered in skies, cover my eyes
[00:47.93]Variety, Time magazine cover, cover with lies
[00:50.85]Who is payin' Rolling Stone for these covers and stories?
[00:53.25]Smuggle with more than a bunch of lies, Their cheese truffled with fries, I
[00:56.97]Started this year with Madonna inside my DM, New condo, it's for my BM
[01:00.84]I sit back and double track on that statement
[01:02.85]I started cakin', then cocked in the colosseum, Ain't it crazy how life changes?
[01:06.72]I was popped and now I got the princess of pop on my pages
[01:09.28]Makin' statements, it's outrageous
[01:10.88]It's like Madonna, mama after all them people you kissed
[01:13.80]We couldn't have did this over a dinner date with some steaks?
[01:16.46]I'm goin' too far, damn, there goes my kiss on the stage
[01:19.11]I'm re-cuttin' my keys, put pad on my sleeve
[01:21.77]Leathers in back on my V's, steppers in back of my seats
[01:24.69]Lawyer, I'm smackin' the fee, I'm so intact when I speak
[01:27.35]Flowin' so off the wall, I Mike Jack' on the beat, Bitches still jackin' my D
[01:32.02]They look at Tory like, “He done invented the NFT”, They tried to put me in a box
[01:36.53]I said, “Fuck it, I'ma create a small circle
[01:38.92]Then carve my way out the center and then I'm free”
[01:41.21]I put more feet on you niggas necks than a centipede
[01:43.87]I'm cold as December breeze, Catch me sleepin' on niggas, no anesthes'
[01:47.85]And I'm duckin' all the Jezebels and Genevieves
[01:50.41]UberEats to Ten Degrees, triple H, my pedigree
[01:53.33]Rapper sit in studios and talking 'bout my moves and how I move
[01:56.69]I'm out fuckin' they bitches, it's how I do, that's how I knew
[01:59.35]I get the glance of their eye, The, “Hey”, the, “How are you?”
[02:02.00]Soon as the dick get in 'em, info start to spillin', listen
[02:06.22]I'm like Frank White, sellin' real bass
[02:08.67]I'm not scared of Twitter, it's not a real place
[02:11.33]I give a damn about a “I belong on Instagram”
[02:13.98]Ten reservated dinners, sittin' where my bitches layin' (ow, mm, yeah)
[02:18.76]I still stop when I go, how am I hot when it's cold?
[02:21.95]They said I was blackballed, my black balls started to show
[02:24.61]I feel like I'm on mission, CJ, ride to The Grove, I'm on time and it shows
[02:29.28]And Jay just bought the Lambo', two hunnid ninety, he glowin'
[02:32.10]And fuck a timeshare, I rather share time with my homies
[02:34.92]Y'all niggas lost worth like puttin' diamonds on Rollies
[02:37.68]Slime green paint on the Urus, I'm still drivin' the homies
[02:40.67]And some of y'all favorite celebrity bitches
[02:42.79]Fuck me in private, then hate me in public, Imagine the state of discussion, they say
[02:46.77]”Soon as your court case over, my label say it's cool that we date in public”
[02:50.39]I'm like, “Nah, fuck it, I already fucked it”
[02:52.52]And by that time I'll be overseas sippin' tea and crumpets
[02:55.70]I wore the face that you niggas could laugh at
[02:57.56]Felt like Tyler Perry, Madea's jumpers
[02:59.69]I'm warmin' up, pre-heated oven, y'all see me comin'
[03:03.31]Who the next celeb to mention me?
[03:05.13]Instagram and Twitter tweets, I'ma see 'em eventually
[03:07.95]If they say my name, they better say, “He the best next to me”
[03:10.87]I just gave the rap game the recipe to NFT and please
[03:14.32]Fuck niggas, stop tellin' me who I sound like
[03:16.72]Tellin' me I sound like ten different dudes
[03:19.37]When them ten different dudes don't sounds alike, How that even make sense?
[03:23.09]This shit ain't even soundin' right, Fargo, For real, I'm sayin'
[03:27.30]We spendin' like the last days (ha, haha), We movin' like the last train in Paris
[03:33.57]It's on the train tracks and it's movin', (We rich forever)
[03:38.62]I can't celebrate my past ways, Not when we livin' in these last days (haha, ha)
[03:44.62]Tellin' me, “Have faith, have faith, have faith”
[03:49.29]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



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