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The Killers – boy Lyrics Download PDF/LRC File

The Killers – boy Lyrics Download PDF/LRC File download music subtitles in *.lrc and *.pdf format from RC Lyrics Band is one of the best lyrics downloading platform which has a huge database of lyrics where a user can freely download local lyrics subtitles for their favorite music player.

boy LRC Format
[ti:boy][ar:The Killers][lang:English][length:03:18.56][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:07.16]Just give yourself some time
[00:14.12]Head down, Wrong fit, Big deal, That's just growin' up
[00:29.21]Untouched, sixteen, Don't overthink it, boy, White arrows will break
[00:43.80]The black night, But don't overthink it, boy, And when you're out on a ledge
[01:02.40]Please come down, boy, There is a place that exists
[01:10.42]Just give it some time, Drawn arrows unseen will fly
[01:25.34]Heat wave, slow lane, Small town, Only diesels dance
[01:40.24]These streets weren't meant to house
[01:46.36]Jet fuel engine drеams, White arrows will blast, The black night
[01:58.87]And when you'rе out on a ledge, Please come down, boy
[02:06.37]There is a place that exists, Just give it some time
[02:17.16]Oh, drawn arrows unseen will fly, And break the black night
[02:30.71]But don't overthink it, boy, Boy
[02:40.97]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


The Killers – boy Lyrics Download PDF/LRC File:


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