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SOS Lyrics Download by SZA PDF/LRC File

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SOS LRC Format
[ti:SOS][ar:SZA][lang:English][length:01:57.84][by:Jun][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:12.62]Last nigth I cried, Give me a second, give me a minute
[00:17.04]Nah, lil' bitch, can't let you finish
[00:18.52]And that's right I need commissions, oh my
[00:21.87]All that sauce you got from me, All that shit I gave for free
[00:25.32]All I wanted, babe, wanted, babe, This ain't no warnin' sign
[00:29.54]Guess all you hoes forgot, Know you been more than lost
[00:32.89]But that don't mean I'm so, Comin' like I'm so greasy
[00:36.25]Ex nigga he so needy, Punk ass had to replace me, but this dick just high
[00:41.30]They can't survive off mine me's, I'm talkin' pedigree
[00:45.01]Ain't no writers, that's just me, Ain't no spiteful, I'm just T
[00:48.37]Can't hate a bitch for free, Talkin' I'm off the bench like Brady
[00:51.82]I'm pressin' niggas like KD, it's up
[00:54.10]Yeah, nigga, it's up to me, Remind you with that lil' [?][00:57.55]So classic, that ass so fat, it look natural, it's not
[01:00.47]I talk bullshit a lot, No more fuck shit, I'm done
[01:03.93]Damn right, I'm the one, Damn right, I'm the one
[01:07.54]Comin' back shit so kiddy, Comin' back shit snatch like bandaid
[01:11.00]Comin' back this ain't cancer, I'm organic with my
[01:13.72]Fresh squeeze, I'm dumpin' like press squeeze
[01:16.64]I'm horny like suck D's, so darin' like touch me
[01:20.79]And all the petty shit aside, All the phony shit aside
[01:25.57]I just want what's mine, Mine, oh, I just want what's mine
[01:33.96]This ain't no warnin' sign, In case all you hoes forgot
[01:40.47]And I cried, I cried, Said what's on my mind, Ooh, ooh-woah, I cried
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