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Survivors Guilt Lyrics Download is an English song sung by Joey Bada$$. You can download Joey Bada$$’s Survivors Guilt song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


Joey Bada$$ Survivors Guilt Song Lyrics PDF Download:


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[ti:Survivors Guilt] [ar:Joey Bada$$] [lang:English] [length:05:52.68] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:05.38]I thought I was goin’ crazy, you know?
[00:07.80]And like, I realize that I wasn’t the one that was crazy
[00:11.91]I realized that it’s the system that was built against me, you know?
[00:15.80]And like, I’m not supposed to be talkin’ about this
[00:19.15]And that’s the corruption of it, because like, me just saying it is absurd
[00:23.40]And I want people to open up their eyes and realize that I’m not wrong, you know?
[00:26.91]I-I’m, I’m just a openminded individual, and people should be more openminded
[00:33.46]If-If we tryna build up our lives to have material things
[00:37.71]And those don’t satisfy our needs, what are we living for?
[00:48.49]Right, right, come on (Alright), This onе is for you, uh-huh
[00:59.40]This one is for you, (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh), This one is for you, uh-huh
[01:05.10]This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh), (It’s alright)
[01:09.78]Steezy told mе, “Get ’em,” so I got ’em (Got ’em)
[01:11.96]Now my nigga gone, he will never be forgotten (Never)
[01:14.70]Ever since he left, I just been strugglin’ without him (Uh-huh)
[01:17.40]’Cause I remember linkin’ after school and we’d be plottin’ (Plottin’)
[01:20.49]Talk about our problems and what we do about ’em (Yeah)
[01:23.41]Journalin’ and jottin’, we ain’t know the world was watchin’ (Facts)
[01:26.04]We was just two kids tryna make it out the bottom (Uh-huh)
[01:29.28]Now I’m rich and rotten, everyday I think about him, it’s survivors guilt
[01:33.00]Wishin’ I coulda stopped him, let alone just know how he feel
[01:35.92]Lyrically couldn’t top him, he was the nigga with the belt (Uh-huh)
[01:38.90]Yeah, and that’s real rap, I couldn’t do this shit without him, and that’s just fact
[01:43.32]You see, if you ain’t know Steelo, then you really don’t know me though (No)
[01:46.57]And that’s how I separate all the real from fake people (Yeah)
[01:49.28]Or the real from fake fans (Uh-huh), Who claimin’ that they stans (Uh-huh)
[01:52.09]But they ain’t know my mans (No), Until the very end, wish he was still here
[01:56.07]I swear it feels weird how people could accuse me for his death
[01:59.14]Sometimes I gotta shed a real tear (Tear)
[02:01.16]You see, the truth about Steelo, he lacked the mental health (He did)
[02:04.08]But try to tell that to people way back in 2012 (I can’t)
[02:07.43]But now that it’s a mainstream topic, I’m guessin’ I can finally open up and talk about it
[02:12.44]So yeah, let’s talk about it (Yeah), Come into my mind, I show you where the darkest cloud is
[02:16.87]You ready? I doubt it, but let’s go, You see, Steelo was my bigger bro (Uh-huh)
[02:20.75]At a point in time, spiritually, we was in the same boat, but
[02:24.22]I wanted to take it slow, he wanted to take it as fast, And deep as he could go, pause
[02:29.27]Yeah, we had some problems, but what brothers don’t?, sure
[02:32.08]Then I caught a little wave and headed back to shore, And that’s when he started drowning
[02:36.60]And he had no one around him, so partially I feel it’s my fault (Hey)
[02:42.17]And that right there is my internal war (Uh-huh), The reason why I got to feel these external flaws
[02:47.61]The reason why I can’t heal this eternal loss
[02:50.43]The reason why I gotta feel the survivors remorse (Shh), And here’s a message to his fam
[02:55.80]I know y’all got emotional trauma, that, I understand (I understand)
[02:58.62]But I couldn’t fuck with, y’all try to tell the world I wasn’t who I am
[03:02.14]When all I ever tried to do was lend a hand (That wasn’t cool)
[03:04.70]And give the fans the thing that they demand the most, King Capital, the fucking GOAT, word
[03:11.50]I’m just tryna get my nigga heard, give him what he deserves, This one is for you, uh-huh
[03:18.11]This one is for you, (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh), This one is for you, uh-huh
[03:23.99]This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh), (It’s alright)
[03:27.45]Yeah, and R.I.P. my cousin Junior B (R.I.P)
[03:31.06]Y’all ain’t know too much about him, so it’s up to me (It’s up to me)
[03:34.05]To share his legacy with the world, It kills me to think he’ll never meet my baby girl (Shh)
[03:39.62]And when I lost Jun’, that hurt me in the worst way (Worst way)
[03:42.45]He even died two days before his birthday (His birthday)
[03:45.41]Damn, that brings tears to my eyes, My nigga really never made it up to twenty-five (Damn)
[03:50.52]That’s why I’m thanking God every time I open my eyes (Uh-huh)
[03:53.51]Add the fact that we alive and we feelin’ these vibes (Vibes)
[03:56.21]’Cause we be fillin’ these voids, part of me got destroyed (Facts)
[03:59.30]When I lost my boys, it’s like I lost my voice (Uh-huh)
[04:02.13]It took me all of this time just to put it in a song (Song)
[04:04.95]Because I’m still dealin’ with the fact my niggas is gone (Yeah)
[04:07.96]Write they names up on the clouds ’cause that’s where they belong (Uh-huh)
[04:10.68]As long as I live on, they’ll forever be known, this one for you, This one for–, yeah
[04:19.09]This one is for you, uh-huh, This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
[04:23.42](Long as you’ll forever be known, this one’s for you)
[04:27.58]This one is for you, uh-huh, This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
[04:35.40]Yeah, I’m off to— I’m off to Deliani, Deli Honest, So I’ma make this quick, you know
[04:44.50]Pastor black lip back on that shit, True story, look, so I’m in New York, my first time
[04:50.67]One of my first times that I’m, I’m playin’ my-my, one of my first albums for the big homie
[04:55.42]And he got these kids in there, they just on skateboards
[04:58.16]I’m like, “Yo, this super cool,” this, this guy got the kids out here
[05:01.95]You know, keepin’ the kids off of the streets, right?
[05:04.68]So, fast forward a year later, I go back to New York, and then
[05:08.89]I meet this kid, he’s like, “Yeah, man, I don’t know if you remember me, me and my homies, the Pro Era”
[05:14.06]Crazy, I was like, “Oh, yeah, wha-what’s your name?”
[05:15.93]He said, “Capital STEEZ,” I said, “Oh, okay, fosho”
[05:19.01]Fast forward, my boy Doe called me, Doe Burger! Ahaha
[05:24.19]That nigga called me and say, “Yo, you heard these kids, the Pro Era? Joey Bada$$?”
[05:28.46]I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, I met the kid Capital STEEZ, they crazy”
[05:32.56]Fast forward another year or so, I’m on tour with Joey
[05:36.83]We been fourty-seven ever since, man, we got that shit tatted on us, man, for life, man
[05:40.84]Tryin’ to show the move, man, you know?
[05:44.42]Everything come back around full circle, you know what I mean?
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