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[ti:Sticky] [ar:Drake] [lang:English] [length:04:03.28] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:27.12]Ayy Homer hanging on my neck The bracelet matches the set
[00:31.54]My brother named his ting Nadal Let’s stop all that back and forth over the ‘net
[00:35.15]My mama wish I woulda went corporate She wish I woulda went exec’
[00:38.50]I still turn to a CEO so the lifestyle she respect Ayy, two sprinters to Quebec Chérie, où est mon bec?
[00:45.67]They only givin’ niggas plus ones, so I never pull up to the Met
[00:49.04]You know I gotta bring the set You know I gotta bring the G-Block
[00:53.02]You know I gotta bring the D-Block
[00:54.68]’Cause you know how sticky it get (Ayy) You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
[00:59.86]You know how sticky it get (Ayy) You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
[01:03.27]She want me to play with that cat (Ayy) She lovin’ how I’m makin’ her wet (Ayy)
[01:06.89]You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
[01:09.09]Ayo Eric, bring them girls to the stage ‘Cause somebody’s getting paid and
[01:13.77]Free Big Slime out the cage Shawty try to play it cool but
[01:17.49]Now she wish she woulda stayed ’cause Every song that I made is
[01:20.94]Ringin’ like I got engaged (Yeah) Love my guys, I wouldn’t trade (Ayy)
[01:24.40]From the cradle to the grave (Ayy) Gordo got me on the wave (Ayy)
[01:27.85]Ant got me on the wave (Ayy) Couple hits, now you brave, boy
[01:31.46]You niggas better behave (What) All that pumpin’ up your chest (What)
[01:35.09]All that talk about the best (What) You know how sticky it gets
[01:52.89]Yeah If I’m with two of ’em, then it’s a threesome If she alone, you know she a freak one
[01:57.58]If it’s an escort, it’s a police one King of the hill, you know it’s a steep one
[02:02.68]If we together, you know it’s a brief one Back in the ocean you go, it’s a—
[02:06.73]It’s a deep one Forgave niggas in they feelings, lucky for y’all, we don’t do civilians
[02:11.47]You say I changed, I say that I millions, I did The toughest act to follow’s back on tour
[02:17.21]Off-road Maybach, Pyrex trap Virgil came back through the boy, damn
[02:22.07]That’s somethin’ to me, niggas really had they back turned to me
[02:24.95]I ain’t talkin’ my assistant when I say niggas down to pack somethin’ for me
[02:28.55]Then they thought they had the trap set for me How you really think that went for me?
[02:32.07]Niggas gotta do a fact check for me When everything is put to rest
[02:38.07]And everybody takes a breath And everything gets addressed
[02:41.42]It’s you alone with your regrets All that pumpin’ up your chest
[02:44.87]All that talk about the best You know how sticky it gets
[02:48.22]Like, we weren’t supposed to come up with something this clean Like something happened
[02:52.89]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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