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Dirty Vibe Lyrics Download is an English song sung by Skrillex. You can download Skrillex’s Dirty Vibe song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Dirty Vibe LRC Format
[ti:Dirty Vibe] [ar:Skrillex] [lang:English] [length:03:26.79] [by:DIbya] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:12.08]nae ireumeun yongiji hwanamyeon buri na
[00:14.73]wenmanhamyeon call me G I got the dirty vibe
[00:18.13]You ain’t certified, You got the funny vibe
[00:20.89]naega sesangeul heundeulmyeon neon meolmi na
[00:24.41]geurae deoreopge We gon’ celebrate every fuckin day
[00:28.81]nareul ttarahae geurae deoreopge
[00:31.59]geurae deoreopge deo deoreopge Dirty vibe
[01:41.64]Seoul city GZB CL
[01:47.95]Hold up, you in the presence of a QUEEN Ow!
[01:50.85]Turnt up, All the pretty bitches love me, Unnie
[01:54.61]Mouth full of gold with them jheri curls
[01:56.87]Stuntin’ in some Prince shit, Diamonds and Pearls
[01:59.58]I’ll be on my worst behavior, Hold my purse
[02:02.48]Runways and strip clubs, I’ll be making it work
[02:05.24]Cuz, I’ll be on one ’til I die, Middle finger up so high
[02:08.76]Dirty vibe, dirty vibe, Bitch I’m on that (dirty vibe)
[02:12.77]I don’t pop molly I rock microphones
[02:15.43]Point it atcha girl, watch her ass sing along
[02:18.31]Talk shit with the prettiest lips, Blow a kiss,
[02:21.33]Kick a hole in your speaker and then split
[02:23.61]Do it just for fun, I come second to none
[02:26.55]Swervin’ in the lambo like a son of a gun
[02:29.45]What you ain’t you ain’t know
[02:30.98]I’m yo girl’s lesbian crush
[02:33.37]She ain’t with you she be rollin’ my (dirty vibe)
[02:37.05]GGGG-G to the D motherfucker
[02:38.69]Who am I? naega seourida motherfucker
[02:41.73]bada geonneo san neomeo, I still be on the come up
[02:44.78]Get it, huh neon geunyang igeona meogeo
[02:47.93]pyeongsoen jenteulhan eoreuncheoreom
[02:49.32]but mic hanaman jumyeon eoreumcheoreom
[02:50.96]modureul eollyeo machi geuge beoreutcheoreom
[02:52.36]deoreopge jeulgyeobwa dasi cheoeumcheoreom
[02:54.39]G Duh from the feet up
[02:56.39]I’m as dirty as they come and there’s only one
[02:59.81]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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