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SKIT: OBLIVION Lyrics Download by Brent Faiyaz PDF/LRC File


[ti:SKIT: OBLIVION][ar:Brent Faiyaz][lang:English][length:02:46.66][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.62]~Brent and Side Piece laughing~
[00:07.10]Aye, my man, you can put that privacy window out? Thank you. I'm tryna have some more fun witchu
[00:16.59]Well, the night ain't over yet, you wanna ask your driver to make a detour?
[00:20.99]~exhale~ Nah, It's cool. Pass me that bottle though?
[00:25.52]Yea, here
[00:27.51]Thank you. Damn, I'm drunk as shit ~laughs~. Aight there you go, you want some more?
[00:40.75]Yea, but just a little bit
[00:43.70]Ahh you lightweight
[00:45.12]~chuckles~ Oh my God, shut up
[00:47.29]Damn, you made me spill my shit again
[00:49.58]~laughs~ That's what you get
[00:52.30]Hollon, lemme down this shit
[00:57.64]You gon pass out before you even get to the airport
[01:00.35]Hell yeah
[01:01.46]~they laugh in unison~
[01:03.14]~Brent's phone buzzes~
[01:05.27]Damn, who blowin my shit up yo? Ah shit
[01:08.12]~Brent's phone keeps buzzing~
[01:11.93]Who is it?
[01:12.87]It's my bitch
[01:14.33]~Brent's phone buzzes again~
[01:14.72]She prolly saw us on the red carpet tonight
[01:17.75]Shit, I don't know
[01:20.58]It's not a big deal anyway, it ain't like ya'll got a baby or nothing
[01:25.68]~chuckles~ You wild. Damn, I need another drink
[01:29.29]~they laugh in unison~
[01:51.28]Aight cool
[01:55.43]~they kiss~
[02:02.04]Aye, how much longer till we get to the O2?
[02:06.09]I don't know, maybe ten minutes? How far was the hotel from the airport?
[02:12.10]Ah shit, about thirty
[02:14.65]That's all the time I need
[02:19.91]~they kiss~
[02:25.89]Lemme tell him drop you off at [?] airport
[02:28.68]You can tell him in ten minutes
[02:30.93]Oh shit
[02:32.00]~they laugh in unison~
[02:37.73]~they kiss~
[02:40.25]Lemme get that for you
[02:42.13]~unzips Brent's pants~
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