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Rich As Fuck Lyrics Download is an English song sung by Lil Wayne (feat. 2 Chainz). You can download Lil Wayne’s Rich As Fuck song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

Lil Wayne Rich As Fuck Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:03:43.22]


Rich As Fuck LRC Format
[ti:Rich As Fuck] [ar:Lil Wayne (feat. 2 Chainz)] [lang:English] [length:03:43.22] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:13.55]Uh, AK on my night stand, right next to that bible
[00:18.20]But I swear with these 50 shots, I’ll shoot it out with 5-0
[00:21.50]Pockets gettin’ too fat, no Weight Watchers, no lipo
[00:24.99]Money talks, bullshit walks, on a motherfuckin’ tight rope
[00:28.62]And I make that pussy tap out
[00:30.58]I knock that pussy out cold
[00:32.25]Nigga you get beat the crap out
[00:34.42]But that’s just how a dice roll
[00:36.11]These hoes hold that hose pipe
[00:37.92]So I give all these hoes pipe
[00:39.60]She get on that dick and stay on
[00:41.57]All night like porch lights
[00:43.15]Lets do it, fuck talkin’
[00:45.04]We out here, we ballin’
[00:46.81]And I’m sprayin’ at these rusty niggas like WD-40
[00:50.55]We fucked up, we Truk’d up
[00:52.20]No if, ands, or butt-fucks
[00:54.18]Bitch niggas go behind your back like nunchucks
[00:57.30]And that’s fucked up
[00:57.58]But my hoes down and my cup’s up
[00:59.64]My niggas down for whatever
[01:01.48]These bitches think they too fly
[01:03.02]Well, tell them hoes I pluck feathers
[01:04.95]I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Trukfit, fuck Gucci
[01:08.47]She blowin kisses at me with her pussy lips, smooches
[01:12.22]And that’s 2 Chainz
[01:13.56]Look at you, now look at us
[01:18.05]All my niggas look rich as fuck (yeah)
[01:21.43]All my niggas look rich as fuck (yeah)
[01:24.98]A-All my niggas look rich as fuck (yeah)
[01:28.04]Look at you (look at you), now look at us (now look at us)
[01:32.59]All my niggas look rich as fuck (bitch)
[01:35.62]A-All my niggas look rich as fuck (you hoe ass bi-)
[01:41.10]Never talk to the cops, I don’t speak pig latin
[01:44.58]I turned a penny to a motherfuckin’ Janet Jackson
[01:48.25]Tell the bitches that be hatin’ I aint’ got no worries
[01:51.93]I just wanna hit and run like I ain’t got insurance hoe
[01:56.53]What’s yo’ name? Whats yo’ sign? Zodiac killer
[02:00.08]All rats gotta die, even Master Splinter, yeah
[02:04.55]Murder 187, I be killin’ them bitches
[02:08.16]I hope all dogs go to heaven
[02:10.18]And I got Xanax, Percocet, Promethazine with Codeine
[02:14.22]Call me Mr. Sandman, I’m selling all these hoes dreams
[02:17.81]Got a white girl with big titties
[02:19.80]Flat-ass TV screen
[02:21.44]I keep a bad bitch, call me the B.B. King
[02:25.06]And you know I got that mouth out her
[02:26.90]Then put the bitch out like a house fire
[02:28.82]I’m killin’ these hoes like Michael Myers
[02:30.64]I eat that cat just like a lion
[02:32.31]And I can’t trust none of these niggas
[02:34.37]Can’t trust none of these hoes
[02:35.82]And I see your girl when I want
[02:37.93]I got that hoe TiVo’d
[02:39.64]Got a red ass bitch with a red ass pussy
[02:41.58]Nigga try me thats a dead ass pussy
[02:43.35]Since y’all motherfuckers so blind to the fact
[02:45.19]To tell you the truth, I don’t care who’s lookin’
[02:47.04]All I know is I love my bitch
[02:48.80]That pussy feel just like heaven on earth
[02:50.57]Six feet deepn dick shovelin’ the dirt
[02:52.28]R.I.P., Rest In Pussy
[02:54.38]Light that shit then pass that shit
[02:55.80]We gon’ get so smoked out
[02:57.43]And then I went and got locked up
[02:59.47]Every night I dreamed I broke out
[03:01.16]One time for them pussy niggas
[03:03.06]That’s that shit I don’t like
[03:05.01]We eatin’ over here nigga
[03:07.10]Fuck around and have a food fight
[03:08.43]And that’s 2 Chainz
[03:09.67]Look at you (uh), now look at us (yeah)
[03:14.31]All my niggas look rich as fuck (what?)
[03:17.85]All my niggas look rich as fuck (what?)
[03:21.38]A-All my niggas look rich as fuck (yeah)
[03:24.13]Look at you, now look at us (aye yo fuck all y’all bitches, straight up)
[03:27.19](Any bitch out there that didn’t wanna give me no pussy)
[03:28.85]All my niggas look rich as fuck (fuck you in yo’ asshole bitch)
[03:32.07]All my, all my niggas look rich as fuck
[03:35.31]All my, a-all my niggas look rich as fuck
[03:38.18]And yo’ nigga a hoe
[03:39.40]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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