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[ti:Pushin P] [ar:Gunna & Future feat. Young Thug] [lang:English] [length:02:16.13] [by:RC Lyrics Band] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.05](Wheezy outta here)
[00:02.40]Pushin’ P
[00:04.70]Yeah, pushin’ P, turn me up
[00:08.38]Turn me up, P, uh-ah
[00:12.31]Pointers in the Patek and my piece, I’m pushin’ P
[00:15.61]Copped new hammers for my P, we don’t want no peace
[00:18.67]Got a spot across the spot, just for Ps
[00:21.62]Dropped the dot and then we plot, exotic Ps
[00:27.75]She not a lesbian, for P, she turn Pesbian (Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P)
[00:34.00]Off capital P, I rock these Presidents, count presidents (Pushin’ P)
[00:37.25]Portuguese on her knees, my banana P
[00:40.10]She let me squeeze and she leave ’cause she keep the P
[00:43.38]Private suite, private seat, bitch, I’m pushin’ P
[00:46.34]Purple pint, pussy pink, bitch, I’m pushin’ P
[00:49.25]Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah (Yeah)
[00:55.48]Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah
[01:01.54]Pop a P, I’m paranoid, I can’t just sleep
[01:04.58]My pockets deep, got racks on me
[01:06.62]Why they watchin’ me?
[01:07.66]I’m pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah
[01:14.08]Look, I just, uh, uh, bought the ‘Ghini
[01:16.98]The opps outside, uh, ah, uh
[01:20.12]Okay, bought her a P, not a pill, a Porsche (Pushin’ P)
[re:www.rclyricsband.com] [01:23.70]Three Ps, pop pourin’ Porsche (Skrrt, pushin’ P)
[01:27.25]I just fucked a cup of water (I did)
[01:29.54]Pushin’ P, red bandana cars (Ayy, pushin’ P)
[01:32.91]I’ma peel out yo’ whole endorsement (Ayy, pushin’ P)
[01:35.78]She ain’t veneer for me, she simply porcelains (I never)
[01:39.08]I never saw opps, now we finally tusslin’ (I never)
[01:42.06]She ready to get in the streets for me, no question (Of course, skrrt)
[01:45.13]Too rich to text, I let my shawty forward it (Yeah)
[01:47.69]Take the P out the alphabet, nigga, try to sort it (Ayy)
[01:50.97]I’m pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P
[01:54.27]Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, P, ah
[01:57.34]Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P
[02:00.25]I’m pushin’ P, yeah, ah
[02:03.65]Source: RCLyricsBand.com

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