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[ti:procrastination (broke)] [ar:J. Cole] [lang:English] [length:02:59.30] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:03.00]Yo, Ayo Scoob, ayo Scoob
[00:13.51]My nigga, what's good? Word, Yessir, what's poppin'?
[00:20.08]I'm comin' through, hold up, hold up
[00:21.82]Stay right there, I'm comin' through, hol' up (Bvtman)
[00:26.26]Hell yeah, can't believe I seen this nigga Scoob, man, It's crazy
[00:31.74]Uh, don't you dare run from it
[00:34.27]There's no bogeyman, it ain't comin' to hurt you
[00:36.56]I think acceptance is somewhat of a virtue
[00:38.84]To look your truth dead in the face
[00:40.44]Without tryna escape the regret or disgrace
[00:42.99]I write these words aimlessly, But not without hope
[00:45.92]That somehow I'll stumble on somethin' that's dope
[00:47.92]A clever lil' line, a thought to provoke
[00:49.95]Myself and that listener diggin' for quotes, hеllo
[00:54.20]I don't even know if somebody gon' hеar this
[00:56.32]Got so many songs that get lost in the endless (Bvtman)
[00:58.19]Folders of the hard drive, I wish I was more fearless
[01:01.27]'Cause I'll just say, “Fuck it” and dump all the music
[01:03.32]For niggas that hate it and niggas that use it
[01:05.43]As fuel to push them through long nights at school
[01:07.43]Writin' that last minute paper for class
[01:09.47]That's due in the mornin'
[01:10.43]And I still relate to that procrastination for tasks
[01:13.50]'Cause I need to finish this album
[01:15.36]But hell, how many more times
[01:16.95]Can I send this wooden pail down in that well
[01:19.14]And pull it back up with the hope that it's filled?
[01:21.43]Plus, it don't help that I'm rich now
[01:23.28]So that means that I don't gotta deal
[01:25.15]With stress of these creditors, callin' my cellular
[01:27.44]Like that young rapper that don't got a deal (Bvtman)
[01:29.13]But do got the skill and do got the will
[01:31.14]To make it no matter how long that it takes
[01:33.00]For labels to see you or a song that'll break
[01:35.13]And the rest of the world to catch on that he's great
[01:37.95]Uh, how do you tap into hunger, When you don't gotta wonder
[01:41.41]'Bout when your next meal is comin' from?
[01:43.44]Maybe you feel my conundrum, Or maybe the real is I’m so, um
[01:47.43]Far removed from the struggles of everyday folks
[01:50.08]My shit just ain't never gon' hit like it hit
[01:51.84]When a nigga was a lil' more closer to broke (Broke)
[01:54.92]Uh, but fuck it, the challenge be havin' me stoked
[01:58.11]Throw in the towel? Man, you gotta be jokin'
[02:00.23]I push my salary up with these quotes (Bvtman)
[02:03.42]Now, I push the Lambo' truck down in the ‘Ville
[02:06.34]Hopin' I connect with somethin' that's real
[02:08.47]Part of me wonders why I'm even still (Still)
[02:11.62]Uh, holdin' on to this place
[02:14.01]My momma been gone and my partners is straight, right?, Right


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