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[ti:Start Up Again][ar:Polo G (feat. Moneybagg Yo)][lang:English][length:01:48.94][by:DIbya][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.19]Uh (wow)
[00:04.12]Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
[00:07.01]I got killers in the motherfuckin' cut, bitch
[00:11.81]Gang, uh, uh
[00:15.22]I be with savages, they is not havin' it
[00:17.39]If it's ever a problem, we tackle it
[00:18.95]Switch on the chopper, that bitch get to rattlin'
[00:21.01]Really hate 'em, gon' shoot up the candlelit
[00:22.79]Lil' mama thick, but just watch how I handle it
[00:25.35]Beat up the pussy, I damage it
[00:26.90]Passport stamp, fuck the ref, how I'm travelin'
[00:28.68]Louis by Virgil, my drip is immaculate, uh
[00:31.10]Give me a beat, I'm attackin' it, uh
[00:32.99]Might catch a B when I'm clappin' it
[00:34.58]Opps, they some bitches, we beefin' with actresses
[00:36.49]Post in the trap, we got D in the cabinet, uh
[00:38.64]She get on her knees when she gaggin' it
[00:40.29]Might cop a ‘Cat 'cause I beat all them challenges
[00:42.36]Hundred twenty a show what I'm averagin'
[00:44.29]On the ropes, I ain't fold, I wasn't panickin'
[00:46.18]Uh, uh, start up again
[00:48.07]She over with, now I'm all in her friends
[00:50.02]Two hundred shots, they gon' ball up your mans
[00:51.91]Lil Jo keep cappin', he noddin' off Xans, uh
[00:54.33]I'm Euro steppin' in France, uh
[00:56.12]Drip check, Amiri my pants
[00:57.77]Glock a guitar, we gon' rock out like bands
[00:59.57]Spin through they block, he get killed where he stand
[01:01.48]I ran up some change, then bust down a chain (go)
[01:03.54]Benjamin, Grants, my pockets got names (whoa)
[01:05.32]The Bentley cocaine, that look like the main
[01:07.23]A brick of white Forces, same color them thangs (thirty-six)
[01:09.27]I just got booked to go somewhere in Spain (gone)
[01:11.32]Fuck a fiancé, I married the game (I do)
[01:13.61]It's really two hundred an occasion, man (where?)
[01:15.79]I'm on the jet eatin' Raising Cane's
[01:17.44]They trippin', the grass too high
[01:18.82]I don't never be at the house in Memphis (why?)
[01:20.63]I done outgrew the city (yeah)
[01:21.79]Swapped out the digits, these niggas can't hit me (nah)
[01:23.69]Lil' box at the back of the Glock, we got switches
[01:25.85]Awful lot of cough syrup on my Dickies (dope)
[01:27.74]I'm so picky when it comes to these bitches (why?)
[01:29.80]Bougie gangster chick tote my blicky, got wifey with me, ay
[01:32.61]I got a way with these words, I got a way with these hoes
[01:35.41]I keep it too thorough (raw)
[01:36.58]Talkin' my shit on a whole ‘nother level
[01:38.22]I just was over there, I speak for the ghetto
[01:40.15]Eight ounces of Wock' in the Faygo, I'm KO
[01:42.08]These niggas fake, put together like Play-Doh (ha)
[01:44.30]Uh, uh, drillin' this new ho (uh)
[01:46.20]Ride like a horse so I pass her to Polo (here)
[01:48.50]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM




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