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[ti:Papi’s Home] [ar:Drake] [lang:English] [length:02:58.97] [by:Dibya] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.39](I know that I hurt you)
[00:02.92](I was a child trying to be a man)
[00:05.58]To all my sons worldwide
[00:06.73](I walked out on my only son)
[00:08.50]All my juniors
[00:09.41](I left you in your mother’s hands)
[00:10.81]I apologize for my absence, I know I left you without a name to drop
[00:13.96](And now I’m standing right here)
[00:15.62]I don’t know how I expected you to get your clout up and get your money up, but
[00:18.35](With tears, with tears streaming from my eyes)
[00:20.15]Don’t worry
[00:20.65](See your mother raised a fine young man)
[00:22.29]Daddy’s home
[00:23.10](And I know I missed so much of your life)
[00:26.27]Turn me up (Mario)
[00:29.73]Niggas know they need to stop
[00:31.51]I’m standing at the top, that’s how I know you never seen the top
[00:34.82]Sierra Canyon parking lot lookin’ like Magic City parking lot
[00:38.36]Hear the talks when I walk by like you know it’s over when we drop
[00:41.29]Ayy, drop
[00:42.99]Yeah, and I’m coming with the wop
[00:45.15]Y’all niggas not poppin’
[00:46.79]Fuck her, then she goin’ shoppin’
[00:48.18]Whoa, I’m runnin’ out of opps
[00:50.34]They’re runnin’ out of options
[00:51.99]Put ’em up for adoption
[00:53.64]Sign my name on the dot
[00:55.17]Ayy, this is not luck, baby, this no four-leaf, no horseshoe
[00:58.83]I’m in the bank thinkin’, “Poor you”
[01:00.62]I’m in New York goin’ Jon Chetrit
[01:02.51]Supermodels and they all sexy
[01:04.05]Lock the door to the bathroom ’cause they doin’ something that is not Pepsi
[01:07.46]I’m just pourin’ up the shots
[01:09.12]I remember that I told you I miss you, that was kinda like a mass text
[01:12.52]I remember that I told I loved you, that was really in the past tense
[01:15.93]I remember that I told you I get your true fears, that I get around
[01:19.32]Mentioned havin’ us a kid, 42 hit, I tend to kid around
[01:23.28]Yeah, on Benedict with the top down
[01:26.33]Shorties out here gettin’ knocked down
[01:27.99]City coming off a lockdown
[01:29.64]Rap niggas doing weak features for a pop artist ’cause they popped down
[01:33.22]Used to wanna throw the Roc up, niggas know how I rock now
[01:37.83]You know how I’m rocking now
[01:40.12]YM forever
[01:41.52]Big owl, big birds forever
[01:44.33]Don’t make me go get your mama to talk to you
[01:47.49]’Cause if he gotta get your motherfuckin’ mama to talk to you
[01:50.43]You know what I’m sayin’, I’ma bring that motherfuckin’ big switch out
[01:54.12]At this point, I’ma start collectin’ child support the opposite way
[01:58.05]You gotta pay me to keep my motherfuckin’ son, hahahaha
[02:03.17]Look at me
[02:05.03](Take a real good look at me)
[02:06.57]Don’t turn away
[02:07.56](Don’t you turn away like I did my son)
[02:09.87]Look me in the eyes, junior
[02:10.92](I’m making no more promises)
[02:12.72]For real
[02:13.37]I’m trying to find the word to say
[02:16.82]Daddy’s home
[02:20.29]Daddy’s home (don’t you know)
[02:23.70]Daddy’s home (said, your daddy’s back home)
[02:27.15]Daddy’s home (for every birthday that I missed)
[02:30.56]Wanna be my dad again
[02:33.56]We’ve got to start all over, be friends (start right here, right now)
[02:37.37]If you wanna be my dad again (said, my only son)
[02:40.18]We’ve got to start all over, be friends (can you look at me?)
[02:44.11]Yeah, baby
[02:46.38]Yeah, baby, that’s it
[02:52.82]Something’s happened to me, bro
[02:56.26]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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