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$Outh $Ide $Uicide Lyrics Download by $uicideboy$ PDF/LRC File


$Outh $Ide $Uicide LRC Format
[ti:$Outh $Ide $Uicide][ar:$uicideboy$ (feat. Pouya)][lang:English][length:02:49.38][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:36.59]Outside in an all black ride
[00:38.98]Tint rolled up when I'm high
[00:40.85]Said they all wanna live but I just wanna die
[00:44.28]Mo-Motherfucker, if you're looking for me find me in the night
[00:46.94]I got a knife don't want to fight
[00:48.02]I want to take your fucking life and end it right on sight
[00:50.02]When I strike, if you bark better bite
[00:53.18]Block hot, fuck the cops
[00:54.67]Pop a six-shot Glock
[00:56.10]Then I trot to the rocks
[00:56.86]With me own blood clot
[00:57.85]Red dot, bodies drop when I cock then I spot
[01:00.04]No tomb, no plot, throw them off of the yacht
[01:02.20]Undocked with the slot of the skull
[01:04.07]Hanging in the fucking river, ho
[01:06.22]$u-$uicide, 666, *59 so cynical
[01:11.57]Got a pound in the blunt I'm loungin'
[01:13.94]Pour another round I'm drownin'
[01:16.09]Climb to the top I will jump off the mountain, aye
[01:19.61]Swervin', Swervin' in a motherfucking all white Crown Vic
[01:22.64]Blue lights mounted, Siren howlin'
[01:24.52]Stole it from a cop because he popped another brown kid, ayy
[01:28.11]Got the town lit up by the flames that I made from my grey serenade
[01:31.56]Make way for the Plague
[01:32.86]On the 7th-day grey bodies lay in their graves
[01:35.65]Still got the badge still got the gun
[01:37.81]Still got the patch still got the stun
[01:40.07]Still got the cash bitch I burn it for fun
[01:42.02]Put the Glock to my skull then I…
[01:51.89]Yuh, yuh, yuh
[01:53.13]South Side $uicide, kill yourself, ho
[01:55.22]Say you gettin' money but your numbers don't show
[01:57.37]You a liar, baseball bat fully wrapped in barbed wire
[02:00.19]For anyone that's tryna get by us
[02:02.70]I been thinkin' a lot
[02:04.21]I see these rappers tryna get at my spot
[02:06.12]Robb told me you gotta get it how you live
[02:08.22]Told that bitch “You better get up out my biz”
[02:10.00]Pickle-breath-ass ho with a face like thizz
[02:12.19](Shut the fuck up)
[02:13.30]You don't want no issue with
[02:13.87]Nose seen more blow than most nose seen a tissue
[02:15.54]I got anxiety so I can't really do an interview
[02:17.81]Don't come close to me
[02:19.27]I'm not the one to really do it how it's ‘sposed to be
[02:21.21]Independent, tell the label to get over me
[02:23.42]I'm over here with my peers gettin' rich point blank
[02:26.10]Before I bring her to the crew make sure that bitch don't stink
[02:28.04]Ain't no rules to the game, talk how you want
[02:30.11]Walk how you want, my job is the shit
[02:32.25]I used to clean up shit from the rim of the toilet
[02:34.39]Now I'm gettin' money, I don't gotta pack a pistola
[02:36.53]Okay, maybe, cause jealousy make a man go crazy (go cray)
[02:41.06]Money make a motherfucker hate me
[02:42.76]One thousand bitches they all wanna date me
[02:44.94]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



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