Lil Mabu - On The Radar Freestyle

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On The Radar Freestyle by Lil Mabu Lyrics LRC Format
[ti:On The Radar Freestyle] [ar:Lil Mabu] [lang:English] [length:01:39.08] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.20]Grrah, Gang-gang-gang, (Hey Matt, you made another one)
[00:02.18]I'm not a cop, I'm not a cop, Grrah
[00:03.95]Mabu, (M's, haha) Grrah
[00:04.11]Yeah, I woke up this morning and put on my fit
[00:06.14]On some typical white boy shit
[00:07.73]Khakis and white socks, black kicks
[00:09.33]I ain't sleepin' fourteen hundred mins
[00:10.92]Tan, cos, it's a sin, I was up all night studyin' trig'
[00:14.10]Took my exam and said bye to my clique
[00:15.83]I wonder if Mr. Smith knows I'm lit?
[00:17.41]I wonder if Mr. T knows that I keep a stick?
[00:19.71]In my pencil case I got a grip
[00:21.21]Keep it on me even when I piss
[00:22.80]Head on a swivel like moms with they kids
[00:24.39]Yes, I keep it on me while I'm pissin'
[00:25.99]One in the head in case my opps dissin'
[00:27.85]If I have a bad day and I'm missin', got some extra ammunition
[00:30.47]'Cause a Carti on my wrist, got a Rollie on my left
[00:33.33]I got friends that'll switch, I'm just waitin' 'til they step, step
[00:36.79]I got a TEC in a tеch, haha, so don't make me upset
[00:39.98]You just losin' monеy in the street
[00:41.85]Dice, cards, you can't bet on yourself
[00:43.18]I just want the money, give a— about the fame
[00:46.62]Wasn't wit' me in the rain, then she cannot be my main
[00:50.00]I don't like her attitude, she do it for her gang
[00:53.34]I'm married to the game, only hundreds in my— grrah
[00:56.81]They like, “Mabu, you cap in your rap”
[00:58.57]How you know what I did?
[01:00.07]Slide through the T's and I'm yellin' out, “Poop Gzz”, I really rap what I did
[01:03.25]If he cap about buyin' a feature, I load up his balance and switch out his SIM
[01:06.60]Yes, I know I'm a kid, yes
[01:08.10]But tell me I'm cappin', I'm poppin' your lid
[01:09.87]They say Mabu's a industry plant, haha, are you dumb or you high?
[01:13.08]3.14159265 guns, be ready to die
[01:16.53]I just bodied a beat while recitin' pi, your life is a lie
[01:19.45]Try to set me up on a hit wit' a chick, ha, I'm cuttin' that line
[01:23.67]Goodbye, Grrah-grrah
[01:27.01]I'm not a cop, I'm not a cop-cop-cop
[01:32.07]'Bout time they know who runs this shit, grrah, Gang-gang-gang


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