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[ti:Not You Too] [ar:Drake ft. Chris Brown] [lang:English] [length:04:29.71] [by:Dibya] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:10.25]Ooh
[00:15.30]First time in a long time
[00:19.25]Hurtin’ deeply inside
[00:25.06]First time in a long time
[00:29.13]Hurtin’ deeply
[00:34.90]Trust who?
[00:37.46]Watchin’ my back even when I’m in the booth
[00:40.00]Ah, trust who?
[00:43.06]Doin’ my thing, but I’m down to come clean, not like you
[00:48.72]I wanna make you feel the weight’s off your shoulders too
[00:54.71]I’ll take it
[00:59.64]Just tell me it can’t be that crazy
[01:02.68]And even if it is that crazy, baby
[01:05.84]I’ll take it
[01:09.31]I want you, I know you’re not an angel
[01:14.35]Not you
[01:17.75]Oh, (just) save it
[01:22.32]Don’t waste your time
[01:24.87]’Cause I’m wavy and I’m sayin’ things
[01:27.64]That I don’t mean, but I do mean
[01:30.30]And I don’t want you to miss me
[01:33.20]’Cause there’s no way that you’re sorry
[01:36.00]And you’re crying and you’re sayin’ things
[01:38.89]That I do believe, but I don’t even
[01:42.04]Want you to get in my mind
[01:44.45]I’m supposed to be in your mind (whoa)
[01:47.26]For the first time in a long time
[01:50.32](For the first time in a long)
[01:53.37]First time in the longest time
[01:56.27]First time in a long time
[02:00.18]Hurtin’ deeply inside
[02:05.72]First time in a long time
[02:09.88]Hurtin’ deeply
[02:16.45](Now, oh, baby) ayy
[02:22.25]Hurtin’ deeply inside
[02:37.48]Trust who?
[02:39.43]Trust me and I can set you free
[02:42.22]Left your man, came straight to me
[02:44.89]You the real MVP, my love
[02:47.64]Ride dirty like Pimp C
[02:50.33]You a real ten-speed freak, shawty
[02:53.14]You was everything a nigga need
[02:55.78]You was everything to me, my love
[03:01.05]Why you keep that little shit from me?
[03:03.95]Left me down on bended knee
[03:06.50]When I scooped you in the Maybach
[03:08.15]The only time a nigga ever made you take a backseat
[03:11.95]Why you do that little shit to me, shawty?
[03:14.74]When you know that we was meant to be
[03:17.25]Why’d you keep those things from me, my love? (Love)
[03:23.66]I’ve given you enough time
[03:27.11]Hurtin’ deeply inside
[03:37.89]Hurtin’ deeply, deeply
[03:43.45]Thought I knew the real, then they flipped
[03:45.35]How many times did I ask about this, on God?
[03:48.75]Why you let me find out like this, on God?
[03:51.55]Houston, we got a problem, my dawg
[03:54.21]All my niggas love you, got us all involved
[03:56.87]Ain’t no goin’ back to how we started off
[04:00.43]No, no, no, no
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