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[ti:No Deal] [ar:Rod Wave] [lang:English] [length:03:07.79] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.08]That wasn’t funny, But she laughed so hard, she almost cried
[00:02.91]They’re countin’ months they’ve been together, Almost forty-nine
[00:05.71](Yo, Sam, this shit heat), He’s making fun of how she acted ’round the holidays
[00:08.56](Damn, Dawson), She wears a ring, but they tell people that they’re not engaged
[00:11.55]They met in class for metaphysical philosophy, He tells his friends, “I like her
[00:15.84]’Cause she’s so much smarter than me”, They’re having talks about their futures until 4 A.M
[00:20.26]And I’m happy for them, But I wanna feel all that love and emotion
[00:26.10]Be that attached to the person I’m holdin’, Someday I’ll be falling without caution
[00:32.38]But for now, I’m only people watchin’, Yeah, uh
[00:46.35]Thinking about my life and how far a nigga came
[00:49.45]Thinking about my life and mistakes a nigga made
[00:52.27]Steady ducking the reaper, everybody got a day (Grrah)
[00:55.19]Hopefully, I’ll be ready for it (Yeah, yeah), Uh, I told ’em my dreams, they ain’t believe this
[01:01.56]I can’t lie, even I couldn’t of seen this
[01:03.89]I just was on the bus stop getting high out of my brain
[01:07.16]Headphones in listening to Kevin Gates say, Shooting star, shooting star
[01:13.23]Rapper with a pistol, that made me a shooting star
[01:15.89]Now we all across the globe, three hundred thousand dollar shows
[01:19.40]We wasn’t supposed to get this far
[01:22.24]This shit so crazy how these hoes tryna plot on me (Tryna plot on me)
[01:25.16]These niggas hating, want my spot, sending shots at me
[01:27.99]Know I fuck with Sosa, Ghetto, Spec and Tee
[01:30.82]Boy, you must ain’t know them boys gon’ park the car jump out on feet
[01:34.03]Won’t you pay a nigga back for saving ‘ya life, I don’t know yet but I’m a make it right
[01:40.14]I’m tryna ball, these niggas tryna take my life
[01:43.12]I Tell you what a’ll make a gangster change his life
[01:46.65]How to make a gangster change his life, Go to sleep with millions in his bank
[01:48.91]Wake up in the morning, see his daughter face
[01:51.43]Just was broke as a joke, when we was down we was fine
[01:54.15]Start achieving his dreams now my life on the line
[01:56.51]Tell the label no deal, I need twenty every time
[02:00.02]I ain’t coming to Europe if I can’t bring my .45
[02:02.18]Tell the label no deal, I need twenty every time
[02:05.95]I ain’t coming to Paris if I can’t bring my .4-5 (Oh, woah)
[02:13.09]Aye, Tell the label no deal, I’m fine, I can’t come on the road and ride if I can’t bring fire
[02:21.14]You know, I need my fire for these fuck niggas, I need my fire for these fuck niggas (Yeah)
[02:29.20]I need my fire for these fuck niggas (I seen that)
[02:32.72]I seen that, I need my fire for these fuck niggas (Grrah)
[02:37.63]No deal (Baow, baow, baow, baow), No deal
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