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[ti:Birdboy] [ar:NLE Choppa] [lang:English] [length:02:09.43] [by:Dibya] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.58]Ay, huh yeah (I don’t even think y’all niggas ready)
[00:05.26]Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (they not ready bro-)
[00:09.84]Tay, they ready?
[00:11.12]Yeah yeah
[00:11.95]Tay sayin’ no
[00:13.01]What? Yeah huh huh
[00:15.47]Bullets hit a nigga up, like I’m playin’ Pac-Man
[00:17.40]Choppa got a kick back, leave him on a kick stand
[00:19.33]Nigga call me doo-doo, yeah I’m the shit man
[00:21.38]Nigga talking shit, so I fired on his bitch-ass
[00:23.29]Glock freeze him up yeah, call that freeze tag
[00:27.13]Choppa leave him stuck yeah, that’s a glitch man
[00:31.08]If a nigga play, I’ma hit him broad day with the K
[00:33.30]Make a nigga go ah yeah
[00:34.96]Do the race, call it Tay-K, yeah
[00:36.86]Fuckin’ on another nigga bae, yeah
[00:38.95]Make a nigga shake, earthquake, yeah
[00:40.85]Nigga’s aren’t real, you fake, yeah
[00:42.45]I be totin’ them glizzy
[00:43.61]We love totin’ guns
[00:44.65]I do it for real
[00:45.54]You do it for fun
[00:46.28]When an opp see me
[00:47.57]You know they gon’ run
[00:48.46]I hang out the window
[00:49.36]Shoot shit like Lebron
[00:50.56]You know that I hit ’em
[00:51.46]I had to get ’em
[00:52.36]They thought I was bowlin’
[00:53.42]I had to split ’em
[00:54.48]7.62 cut ’em down the middle
[00:56.37]Cookin’ him up like a fuckin’ McGriddle
[00:58.42]Sub me in the game, and you know that I’ma score, bitch
[01:02.34]Pull up with the gang
[01:02.98]Twist a finger make it bang
[01:04.02]To be honest, I’m an animal, I can’t be tamed
[01:06.20]Bullets fallin’ out the sky, let that bitch rain
[01:08.11]2-3 shots, take him out with a bang
[01:10.00]Back in the summer, I didn’t have a name
[01:11.67]Now she suck on my dick while my balls be hangin’
[01:13.97]Damn lil Choppa, she say that you slanging
[01:15.87]Hit it from the back, have her changing languages
[01:17.48]Huh? Huh?
[01:19.14]What the fuck?
[01:20.35]Bitch stop calling my phone
[01:21.65]I hit her one time then I leave her alone
[01:23.50]I know I’m not right, ’cause I’m doin’ her wrong
[01:25.81]Just like a dog, I just want a bone
[01:27.48]We makin’ ’em serve, we serve in a cone
[01:29.56]I’m a real nigga, you cannot clone
[01:31.38]I’m cold with this shit like my first name was Stone
[01:33.45]I’m still a menace, wait
[01:35.23]What the fuck?
[01:35.53]I am a devil
[01:36.45]Whole ‘nother level
[01:37.26]I’m clutchin’ my metal
[01:38.20]Cook him like a vegetable
[01:39.12]She eatin’ my dick like that bitch is an edible
[01:40.80]I’m clutchin’ my metal
[01:42.11]Cook him like a vegetable
[01:43.01]She eatin’ my dick like that bitch is an edible
[01:45.10]I’m clutchin’ my metal
[01:46.01]Cook him like a vegetable
[01:46.93]She eatin’ my dick like that bitch is an edible
[01:49.09]Back in 8th grade, I was lame, I was boostin’
[01:50.66]Now I’m up in high school getting head from my tutor
[01:52.98]Used to be a fighter, graduated to a shooter
[01:54.91]Shoot him in the head, I’m tryna knock out his noodles
[01:56.84]I’m a big dog, little nigga you a poodle
[01:58.56]I sell a bitch a dream like my name Young Ruler
[02:00.74]Or like I’m Martin Luther
[02:02.29]Bullets bless him, that’s a hallelujah
[02:04.61]Brrt brrt, bow bow bow bow
[02:06.93]They shootin’, splatt, splatt
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