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[ti:Hi Haters] [ar:NBA YoungBoy] [lang:English] [length:04:51.42] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.07](A-a-a-a-ayy, that’s probably Tago), (Goddamn BJ made another one)
[00:10.22]To all the haters, I—, Yeah, ooh, ooh-ooh, Oh, oh, Oh, oh, oh
[00:22.61]And now I speak, gotta put my daughter sleep
[00:24.79]And just like Peak, I named my son after a G (They know)
[00:27.34]Ain’t been respondin’ to these niggas, I’m way more rich, I know they see (They see)
[00:29.99]On my wife, I’m spendin’ millions, and, I put some diamonds on my wrist (Yeah-yeah)
[00:32.91]I done made it out the cage (I done made it out the cage)
[00:35.48]Saw me down, but I’m so up I don’t give one fuck, God, I say, “Thank you”
[00:38.78]Hit your artist with them Ks (Hit your artist with them Ks)
[00:41.06]I don’t bother you, you pick on me
[00:42.55]Just wait to see, bitch, I’m gon’ spank you (Bah-bah)
[00:44.57]Too many real estate to thе rich, that’s embarrassment, but I’m big on it
[00:47.49]Been on it, I get that monеy and I sit on it (Sit on it)
[00:49.88]Nails got some paint up on ’em, but play, know I’ll kill yo’ big homie
[00:52.53]I got the venture-branded chain, I’ll fit three times your rent on it
[00:55.19]Tell my mama, “Send a hundred, I’ma send it back” (I’ma send it back)
[00:57.85]Throw a brick in (?) and, bitch, you know I’ma get you whacked (I’ma get you whacked)
[01:00.77]Tell Charleston White I’m a gangster who been misled wrong
[01:02.78]I been misleadin’ wrong, but, if you ever need me, I’ll send ’em back (I’ll send ’em back)
[01:06.50]To all the haters, I say, “Hey”, I made it through another day
[01:12.00]I’m blessed, so how can I complain?, It ain’t one thing that they can say
[01:17.57]I thank you Lord that I’m saved, Look all this money I done made
[01:22.03]They won’t let me out the cage
[01:23.54]Them hitters missed me with them Ks (Them niggas missed me with them Ks)
[01:25.63]Know I put shit up behind lil’ Dave (Yeah)
[01:27.11]But, bae, I changed, I was feelin’ played (Yeah)
[01:28.35]Should’ve shot the bitch up in his face (Yeah)
[01:29.84]Wanna say stop violence, but, it don’t add up to my name
[01:31.86]Known to bring pain, I bust his brain
[01:33.19]Like, “Boy, you disrespect the gang” (You know)
[01:34.69]I’m a duck, continue with that ignorant shit ’cause I’m a wealthy man (Move on)
[01:37.61]Try and pray five times a day, name another Christian do the same (Amen)
[01:40.54]And I gotta thank the Lord for my kids (My kids)
[01:42.66]Harper got smart on that bitch
[01:43.72]Nigga tryna cap me, crossed my wig, behind this boy that we digged
[01:46.82]Hope you don’t think you comin’ in here puttin’ me up, it won’t be it (Uh-uh)
[01:49.48]Come test your luck, I wan’ see it, Drop the next, turned to a (?)
[01:51.97]I’m like, “Mama, these niggas don’t want no problems
[01:54.42]But these women wanna sex away my problems”
[01:57.34]Free money, might as well give away to my partners (All of my brothers, nigga)
[01:60.00]They be hatin’, and I’m like, “Oh, it ain’t my problem” (Ma, I got problems)
[02:02.62]To all the haters, I say, “Hey”, I made it through another day (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
[02:08.36]I’m blessed, so how can I complain? (I can’t complain)
[02:11.02]It ain’t one thing that they can say (It ain’t a thing they can say)
[02:13.94]I thank you Lord that I’m saved (Ooh, ooh)
[02:16.86]Look all this money I done made, They won’t let me out the cage
[02:20.05]Them hitters missed me with them Ks (Ah, ah)
[02:21.91]Know I put shit up behind lil’ Dave (Yeah, yeah)
[02:23.50]But, bae I changed, I was feelin’ played
[02:24.83]Should’ve shot the bitch up in his face (Yeah)
[02:26.18]I’m workin’ hard through all my problems, hustlin’ on my own (Oh)
[02:31.49]And I be up late when they sleep, no excuses at all
[02:34.84]I’m the man inside my home (My home), I’m caught up providin’
[02:39.70]But, all my niggas been slidin’ (Woah-oh)
[02:42.53]We got to stay violent through this shit
[02:44.65]Don’t like violence, not one bit
[02:46.03]Might just come home and call my mama (Call my mama)
[02:47.82]Pain keep me rollin’, I stay strong (I’m strong, yeah)
[02:50.75]I’m winnin’ on these bitches, I say, “Amen”
[02:53.63]My shades, they Balenci’, they ain’t Ray-Bans
[02:56.64]Better try hard not to open a can on these fools
[02:59.19]These niggas be fans, ran up my bands on them dudes (I run up my bands)
[03:02.11]Bought extra land, and it got the same view as my house, way too cool (Too cool)
[03:05.04]Got to keep that stick inside my pants like Baboon (Know I got to keep that stick)
[03:07.96]They know I’m not friendly, I won’t beef and I hate all of you (I’m too rich)
[03:10.85]Watch my nails (Yeah)
[03:11.79]Tell the boys and girls, I’m Top, I’m up, go to Hell (Go to Hell)
[03:13.80]You ain’t hatin’ on me, I hope you conquer and prevail (Prevail)
[03:15.93]They want beef, got ’em waitin’ on me, ’cause I know they’ll probably’ll call 12 (Brrt)
[03:18.85]Can’t be lookin’ up to niggas don’t even look up to their self
[03:21.40]Don’t set yourself up for to fail (Slime)
[03:23.43]Haha, To all the people that be talkin’ down on me
[03:26.58]Nigga, it’s all good, All good, I’m ballin’, Ya heard me?
[03:33.31]You ain’t takin’ it away from us now, at all, Everybody livin’ good, shit
[03:41.77]If you ain’t livin’ good, I know I gave it to you
[03:43.76]That’s automatic, ya heard me?, You ain’t gotta like me, believe that
[03:49.25]I’m kickin’ (?), I’m too (?) on you
[03:52.05]I’m stayin’ groovy on these hoes, nigga, believe that
[03:55.15]It’s slime, Top, To all the haters, I say, “Hey”
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