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[ti:First Time][ar:Nas][al:King's Disease III][lang:English][length:02:44.95][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:09.39]First time
[00:14.30]Yeah, I think we gon' call this one the First Time
[00:17.95]Brucie B voice
[00:20.25]First time you heard Nas
[00:23.90]Was you earlin' on some gut rot liquor on two-five
[00:26.38]Hearing my hood described
[00:29.84]So vivid you could see it by closing your eyes
[00:32.22]Maybe it was the age or the letters I wrote
[00:34.62]When jail letters were hope
[00:35.38]You read the credits and you saw Large Pro
[00:37.42]Or some decrepit club wherе DJ S&S had buzz
[00:39.78]I stepped on the stagе with imperfections
[00:41.80]I was messing up, or her first time
[00:43.40]Inside a Subaru, she just had a feud with her boo
[00:45.75]They drivin', he put on Barbeque and I got through to you
[00:48.58]A dude who I saw rockin' FUBU outside Papaya's
[00:51.44]Told me Halftime was timeless while Armor All'n his tires
[00:54.12]I was tryin' to juggle Columbia Records
[00:56.38]While dealin' with what the country Colombia jungles had left us
[00:59.16]First time you heard of Nas, I prolly was under some pressure
[01:01.74]Gun in the dresser while you was
[01:03.67]Baggin' up in the kitchen playin' my records
[01:05.41]Your first time was you hittin' the gas
[01:07.77]In the whip with some ass, you never hit and she passed
[01:10.18]Your real music test to know if she into the ad-libs
[01:12.47]Real rap shit, yeah
[01:14.26]First time you heard Nas
[01:18.44]You probably heard somebody say that I pick bad beats
[01:20.14]But I pick bad freaks
[01:22.31]Narratives they runnin' with
[01:23.68]The classics they comin' with
[01:25.04]Ain't fuckin' with what I recorded last week
[01:26.59]For new guys, hope this the first time you heard Nas
[01:28.53]It's a special moment
[01:30.98]A million reasons I wrote it
[01:32.22]My shit'll get you re-centered 'cause you can tell where my soul is
[01:36.77]So they had to do it
[01:39.06]My dad did music, I had to pursue it
[01:42.77]The truth is, a similar thing had happened to me
[01:44.22]I listen to Wayne, I listen to G, I listen to Dre, I listen to me
[01:46.05]Since when did rap leave me so suspended in air
[01:50.53]Since Kendrick entered the atmosphere, '09, I was there
[01:54.03]On La Cienega
[01:54.65]My nigga from LA said there's a nigga from Black Hippy
[01:57.61]I was happy to just witness history
[02:00.17]How did you feel? (First time you heard Nas)
[02:07.31]First time hearing Biggie
[02:08.63]When I heard Pac
[02:11.24]That was on that song with, uh,
[02:14.49]Yeah, that was crazy
[02:19.19]I really hope that this your first time
[02:22.27]It's somethin' bout
[02:23.34]First time hearing your favorite artist
[02:31.35]I know when the first time I heard Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye
[02:35.34]Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder
[02:41.48]I was goin' crazy
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