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My You Lyrics Download is a Korean song sung by BTS Jungkook. You can download BTS Jungkook’s My You song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File in Korean & Romanized here.


BTS Jungkook My You Song Lyrics PDF Download in Korean & Romanized:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:02:45.22]


My You LRC Format
[ti:My You] [ar:BTS Jungkook Jungkook] [lang:Korean] [length:02:45.22] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.60]Summer has already spread in the air Breeze is already blowing
[00:09.25]The last cold snap is going out The days were getting longer and longer
[00:17.53]But my days were still going on, and on, and on
[00:21.66]I got wet in the sun shower and looked up at the night sky
[00:26.84]It was quite a lonely night In the blink of an eye
[00:30.65]The dark faded out Blooming under the sunlight
[00:36.13]Memories with me and you All these lights are colored in by you
[00:44.37]All these times are precious due to you Four sеasons have passed with you
[00:50.91]Four scents wеre left ’cause of you All the reasons why I can laugh out
[00:57.71]All the reasons why I sing this song
[01:01.05]Thankful to be by your side now I’ll try to shine brighter than now
[01:08.01]Sarajilkka Hoksi kkumilkka Dwicheogida Tto jami deunda
[01:18.00]Yeongwonhal su isseulkka Samuchin i mam Dallaeeo boda Bame jamgyeo gamginda
[01:33.57]Samut sseulsseulhaessdeon bam Eoneusae meokgureumeun heuteojyeoga
[01:39.57]Biccjulgi mit saegyeojin Neowa namgin ongideul
[01:47.60]Modeun bicceun nege muldeulgo Naui siganeun wanbyeokhaejyeo
[01:54.15]Ne beonui gyejeol ttodasi Deo jiteojige ttodasi
[02:00.94]Naega misoreul jisneun iyudo I norael bureul su issneun geosdo
[02:07.65]Ne gyeotigie gamsahae Deo biccnabolge hwanhage
[02:15.64]On a starry night Hope my you sleep tight
[02:21.99]Shining purple light Thankful to be by your side now
[02:28.90]On a starry night Hope my you sleep tight
[02:35.49]Shining purple light Ne gyeotigie gamsahae
[02:40.96]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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