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[ti:My Little Love] [ar:Adele] [lang:English] [length:06:29.54] [by:RC Lyrics Band] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:11.75]My little love
[00:15.15]I see your eyes widen like an ocean
[00:21.32]When you look at me so full of my emotions
[00:27.48]I’m findin’ it hard to be here sincerely
[00:34.05]I know you feel lost, it’s my fault completely
[00:42.10]- Tell me you love me
[00:46.05]- I love you a million percent
[00:49.70]I don’t recognise myself in the coldness of the daylight
[00:59.26]So I ain’t surprised you can read through all of my lies
[01:05.42]I feel so bad to be here when I’m so guilty
[01:11.83]I’m so far gone and you’re the only one who can save me
[01:18.12]- Oi, I feel like you don’t love me
[01:20.16]- Why do you feel like that?
[01:21.13]- Do you like me?
[01:23.16]- You know mummy doesn’t like anyone else like I like you, right?
[01:27.95]I’m holdin’ on (Barely)
[01:34.09]Mama’s got a lot to learn (It’s heavy)
[01:40.54]I’m holdin’ on (Catch me)
[01:46.73]Mama’s got a lot to learn (Teach me)
[01:54.47]- Mummy’s been having a lot of big feelings recently
[01:56.90]- Like how?
[01:58.34]- Just, like, mummy, I’m, I’m, the feeling that I have. Like, um, I feel a bit confused
[02:06.77]- Why?
[] [02:07.68]- I don’t know. And I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing
[02:13.78]- Oh, at all?
[02:17.26]- At all
[02:18.41]- And that would make me go…
[02:21.12]My little love
[02:24.78]Tell me, do you, you feel the way my past aches?
[02:30.83]When you lay on me, can you hear the way my heart breaks?
[02:36.90]I wanted you to have everything I never had
[02:43.35]I’m so sorry if what I’ve done makes you feel sad
[02:51.67]- I love your dad ’cause he gave you to me. You’re half me and you’re half daddy
[02:57.79]- Oh
[02:59.33]I’m holdin’ on (Barely)
[03:05.82]Mama’s got a lot to learn (It’s heavy)
[03:12.01]I’m holdin’ on (Catch me)
[03:18.34]Mama’s got a lot to learn (Teach me)
[03:37.85]I’m having a bad day, I’m having a very anxious day
[03:46.78]I feel very paranoid, I feel very stressed
[03:53.50]Um, I have a hangover, which never helps, but
[04:06.39]I feel like today is the first day since I left him that I feel lonely
[04:19.64]And I never feel lonely, I love being on my own
[04:25.97]I always preferred being on my own than being with people
[04:31.40]And I feel like maybe I’ve been, like, overcompensating
[04:37.17]And being out and stuff like that to keep my mind off of him
[04:44.89]And I feel like today, I’m home and I wanna be at home
[04:48.90]I just wanna watch TV and curl up in a ball and
[04:55.26]Be in my sweats and stuff like that, but I just feel really lonely
[05:01.48]I feel a bit frightened that I might feel like this a lot

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