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My Go To Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the album “The Last Slimeto” sung by NBA YoungBoy (feat. Kehlani). You can download NBA YoungBoy’s My Go To song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:My Go To] [ar:NBA YoungBoy (feat. Kehlani)] [lang:English] [length:03:23.99] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:09.89](You know this a Priority), (It’s Ricci)
[00:16.85]You know you my go-to, You know you my, yeah
[00:26.41]You know you my go-to, You know you my, you my, oh
[00:37.15]I could see why another man threatened by me
[00:39.58]Take your woman, put her on jet, send her overseas
[00:41.79]I ain’t finished yet, I got a big check, Could buy a big yacht, button on a big jet
[00:46.29]Love is your body, it rocks, I get behind it, you pop
[00:48.58]It’s gon’ go down in the back of the car
[00:50.70]You throw in back and you clap, I rolled a five and sync up
[00:53.25]I won’t get down in your heart (Ooh), Dress up the way that she like
[00:57.56]I got the money and you can have what you need, I mean, don’t be mean, you know
[01:04.27]Everything the ain’t what it seem, most precious thing in my dream
[01:09.10]You, you, you all I need, Confessin’ it through Pro Tools
[01:16.86]You know you my go-to, you know you my go-to, Demands to pay ransom, you know I hold you
[01:23.30]Thеy rappin’, they cappin’, that what I told you
[01:25.33]They tellin’ liеs, you know that realest one is I
[01:29.22]You that they rare, don’t come disguised
[01:31.61]You know you my go-to, You know you my, yeah
[01:40.64]You know you my go-to, You know you my, you my, oh
[01:52.12]I don’t say this enough, You the reason I believe in love
[01:56.27]You the reason I could change this much (Much), I changed for us
[02:00.91]Kill my pride to stand aside you, hold me by so I could find you
[02:05.58]When you’re wrong, I’m right behind you, I recognize you
[02:10.85]And it’s deep, deep, You scare me ’cause you can see me
[02:14.82]Grown, how you know how to treat me
[02:16.85]I need you ’cause you don’t need me and I feel treasured, I’m the real you
[02:23.13]Build me up a pill to hold me down, I’ll heal you, yeah, Let’s go up, let’s go up, let’s go down
[02:34.18]Let’s run it back up, let’s mile high club, let’s show out, yeah
[02:39.01]Let’s get fucked up, get a big black truck, slimy all night
[02:43.32]Best friend, wifey, right here, go-to, yeah
[02:46.20]You know you my go-to (Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah), You know you my (You know you my, I), yeah
[02:55.39]You know you my go-to (Oh-uh), You know you my, you my, oh (My, my)
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