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[ti:GO!][ar:Moneybagg Yo & BIG30][lang:English][length:02:03.64][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.83]That's why it switches on my glee, pussy (go, go) And we put bump stock, .223, pussy (go, go)
[00:05.80]Charity, I gave it to them people (go, go) You fuckin' with a certified speaker (go, go)
[00:11.02]Not you ‘posed to be gangsta, but salty 'bout the ho (crazy)
[00:13.84]How the fuck my artist bigger than your C.E.O.? (Brr)
[00:16.77]Why the hell she know I'm toxic, but still fuck with me?
[00:19.03]It's plentiful right now, I'm still pouring on a pint of V
[00:21.86]Presi' Rolex, emerald cut, still ain't seen a watch like this joint (nope)
[00:24.52]All white guts, bitch can't sit in here on her time of the month (period)
[00:27.18]Plain Jane shirt, but it's a stack 'cause it say Saint Laurent (cost)
[00:30.10]Choppas and my dollars up, shooters hungry, get gobbled up (get ate)
[00:32.76]Stand-up guy, won't speak on nothing that I see or saw (shh)
[00:35.57]Real weed, soon as I snatch it it's already bought (it's gone)
[00:38.22]Went to the right doctor, her booty and her titties soft (she grown)
[00:41.14]Condom in my pocket, anxious, I still fucked her raw, My pull out game weak (man)
[00:44.88]I pluck, I tweak (fuck), Red and white Supreme ski, Eleven whips, I go Kyrie (go)
[00:48.92]Tryna steal the recipe, you just a Bagg wannabe
[00:51.44]Bipolar personality, that's why it's switches on my glee, Brr
[00:55.22]That's why it switches on my glee, pussy (go, go), And we put bump stock, .223, pussy (go, go)
[01:00.97]Brr, brr, brr (go, go, go), Flip a nigga street, pussy
[01:05.45]Ayy, Now how the fuck you get some fame? I been a opp (opp)
[01:08.23]Them folks ain't rockin' with you, They watchin' 'til you get dropped (nope, get dropped)
[01:10.91]I keep clutchin' on this Glock , ‘Cause these rocks poppin' out my watch (brr, brr)
[01:13.61]Ain't nobody on your block , ‘Cause I'm the one who scoped the drop (nope, that's me)
[01:16.16]I'm the one that knocked up on your door (ayy, ayy)
[01:18.02]Hit through there with that choppa (that's me)
[01:18.94]Bitch, we no hospital gang, nigga blessed if he see a doctor (see)
[01:21.76]It's 220 on the dash, bitch, I just left a helicopter
[01:24.41]It's a pint up in this car, twenty bowls, and a couple Roxies
[01:27.34]Ayy, I'm slidin' with a thotty (thotty), I'm slidin' with a nigga bitch (bitch)
[01:30.26]Just got the drop from the lil' ho, Stop thinkin' with your dick (with ya dick)
[01:32.91]Poured a tray of Wocky in the Fanta, they thought it was trish' (mud)
[01:35.84]Ho, this six-hundred worth of drank, This shit thicker than grits (ayy, heavy mud)
[01:39.20]Give it to 'em, I gave it to 'em (go, go), Said you know I did it, I gave it to 'em (go, go)
[01:44.57]Charity done gave it to them people (go, go), Fuckin' with a certified speaker (go, go)
[01:49.73](Red dead, I'm so fuckin' bumpin', bro), (FOREVER ROLLING), (Hol' up, flexin' on that)
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