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Miles Lyrics Download is an English song sung by SZA. You can download SZA’s Miles song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

SZA Miles Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:01:09.80]


Miles LRC Format
[ti:Miles] [ar:SZA] [lang:English] [length:01:09.80] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:13.45]Wish I could be a little more mature Did my time, did myself for sure
[00:17.88]River wide, got myself afloat They must die if I don’t support
[00:22.92]They must die if I don’t support And why can’t I be like everybody else? (Oh, oh)
[00:29.03]Losin’ my mind, think I look good when I’m just high
[00:32.49]Scared of my life when, can a bitch get by? Sick of listening to everyone else (Oh)
[00:38.57]Sick of my pride (Oh), sick of just sayin’ shit just to be nice (Oh)
[00:42.18]Scared of this world, how do I get by?
[00:45.27]Miles runnin’ wild in my head Pacin’ back and forth instead of movin’ forward
[00:52.61]Time is movin’ forward (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
[00:55.12]I’m scared of movin’ forward Time keep movin’ forward, forward
[01:04.48]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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