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“Vaathi Coming” is the latest Tamil Pop song sung by Anirudh Ravichander & Gaana Balachandar and it was composed by Anirudh Ravichander. It was released on January 27, 2021. Here, You can download Master “Vaathi Coming” song Lyrics, PDF, and LRC File.


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Vaathi Coming LRC Format
[ti:Vaathi Coming][ar:Anirudh Ravichander][lang:English][length:03:54.03][by:RC][][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:06.22]Haaan..
[00:06.87][00:07.19]Haan haan haan haan
[00:09.33][00:09.46]Hak haan hak haan
[00:10.61][00:11.05]Aeii enna da idhu
[00:12.62][00:12.64]Sappa beatu – koluthungadaa
[00:14.54][00:18.08]Aaaah maja pa maja pa
[00:20.48][00:20.85]Idhan idhan idhan idhaan
[00:22.38][00:22.66]Aei idi daa vaanga daa
[00:24.30][00:24.48]Eh vaathi coming oththu
[][00:26.26][00:28.43]Aah aah
[00:29.32][00:31.09]Aei oththu
[00:32.10][00:36.88]Dhakka dhunna
[00:37.78][00:42.20]Dompaa dompaa
[00:49.28][00:59.35]Annaa vandhaa atom bombuu
[01:01.94][01:06.71]Pilu pilu pilu pillaami
[01:08.11][01:08.14]Pilu pilu pilu aaai..
[01:09.53][01:09.59]Pilu pilu pilu pillaami
[][01:11.09][01:11.11]Pilu pilu pilu eeey..
[01:12.56][01:12.59]Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
[01:13.89][01:13.94]Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
[01:15.36][01:15.40]Pilu pilu pilu pilu pilu pilu
[01:16.93][01:16.94]Vaathi coming oththu..
[01:18.61][01:23.40]Oorragara katte..
[01:24.44][01:29.47]Aei tarukkula triple-u vutta
[01:31.50][01:31.61]Salipila silpi thotta
[01:33.03][01:33.11]Thogurula thagara vutta
[01:34.34][01:34.36]Paguru aguruthaan
[01:35.89][][01:35.91]Silkila silki vutta
[01:37.31][01:37.35]Kilpula salttu thotta
[01:38.74][01:38.79]Bijilila bilpi vutta
[01:40.06][01:40.09]Jettak jarukkun thaan
[01:47.52][01:51.69]Peratti sollae peratti sollae
[01:53.47][02:03.40]Dumukku dumaa dumukku dumaa
[02:05.56][02:14.36]Annaa peratti vudu sedhara vudu
[02:43.10][][03:10.40]Annaa vandhaa atom bombuu
[03:12.83][03:27.09]Annaa peratti vudu sedhara vudu
[03:29.47][03:39.38]Vaathi coming..oththae..
[03:41.66][03:45.25]Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
[03:47.40][03:47.54]Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
[03:49.67][03:49.81]Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
[03:51.73][03:51.79]Aai chee

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