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Make Me Feel Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the brand new album “2000” sung by Joey Bada$$. You can download Joey Bada$$’s Make Me Feel song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Make Me Feel LRC Format
[ti:Make Me Feel] [ar:Joey Bada$$] [al:2000] [lang:English] [length:02:57.58] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.04]Something in the way you make me feel, Feel, feel (Statik Selektah)
[00:08.77]Tell you, baby, Something in the way you make me feel, Feel, feel (Uh)
[00:19.72]When opportunity meets preparation, I’m goin’ off like a detonation
[00:23.61]I want it all, fuck a reparation, I do it all with no hesitation
[00:27.48]Fuck a punchline, I hit ’em with a combination like this shit was second nature
[00:31.36]Layin’ down the law like this shit is legislature, Alligator jaws sayin’ ain’t nobody greater
[00:36.64]I bow my head and do my numbers like it’s nothin’ major
[00:39.18]Over time, I’ve been too humble, time to up the wager
[00:42.00]Eight figures later, got my life all figured out
[00:44.92]Gotta have tunnel vision if you wanna make it out, No fear of missin’ out
[00:48.91]Ten thousand hours in, now it’s time to make it count
[00:51.46]Investin’ ten percent of whatever in my bank account
[00:53.98]Just in case we see bad weather, I hit a nice amount
[00:56.54]You don’t really lose on stocks, never, ‘less you take ’em out
[00:59.24]Thinkin’ ’bout puttin’ some equity in another house
[01:01.87]Thin line between brevity and longevity, One thing I never sacrifice is integrity
[01:07.08]I ain’t nothin’ like these rappers, it’s a disparity
[01:09.71]None of these niggas is seein’ me, just for clarity
[01:12.26]Rest in peace to STEEZ and Jun’, they put the battery inside my back
[01:15.87]Now I’m back to leave a casualty and flee the scene casually
[01:18.76]I ain’t even gotta aim, it’s all hip accuracy
[01:21.31]Amen in Jesus name, my niggas still gon’ blast for me
[01:23.96]Niggas got audacity thinkin’ they could come after me
[01:26.51]Runnin’ this shit on these tracks just like an athlete
[01:29.16]Automatic classic when Joey get on a Statik beat
[01:31.76]All my bars are appreciate with time like a Patek Philippe
[01:34.48]Ooh, I been thrivin’, New Presi’ on my wrist, call it Joe Biden
[01:39.00]If I shoot, I never miss, I’ma keep firin’, The flow tyrant, I woke up and chose violence
[01:44.12]Product of my environment walkin’ in my alignment, I’m the reason why niggas talkin’ ’bout retirement
[01:49.40]I’m the reason why niggas often have been silent, Bow down to your highness, Brooklyn’s finest
[01:54.49]This flow make ’em think there’s something wrong with they sinus
[01:57.04]I came up from the underground and had to keep climbin’
[01:59.70]I peep game like Jada, that’s why he didn’t sign, And said keep the game at bay like the 49ers
[02:05.01]47 shit, Steezy lookin’ down smilin’, Stars keep alignin’ so we gotta keep shinin’
[02:10.32]I’m rare cut like a motherfuckin’ pink diamond
[02:12.68]The irony, I been the one you niggas underminin’, nigga
[02:16.26]This is somethin’ to remind ’em, Hidden in the rough, where you find ’em
[02:20.15]Shine so bright that it just might blind ’em
[02:22.61]Your favorite rappers wouldn’t be enough if you combined them niggas
[02:25.87]Something in the way you make me feel, No tolerance for violators, that won’t fly haters
[02:31.05]Feel, feel, Had enough of y’all fakers, took a hiatus
[02:33.68]Got forties in the windows with the view of skyscrapers, Tell you, baby
[02:36.35]Something in the way you make me feel, Feel, feel, And it makes me feel real good
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