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[ti:Wings] [ar:Macklemore & Ryan Lewis] [lang:English] [length:04:58.08] [by:RC Lyrics Band] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:02.17]I was seven years old, when I got my first pair
[00:06.36]And I stepped outside
[00:08.31]And I was like, momma, this air bubble right here, it’s gonna make me fly
[00:14.73]I hit back-court, and when I jumped, I jumped, I swear I got so high
[00:21.56]I touched the net, momma I touched the net, this is the best day of my life
[00:28.03]Air Max’s was next,
[00:30.07]That air bubble, that mesh
[00:31.96]The box, the smell, the stuffin’, the tread, in school
[00:35.76]I was so cool, I knew that I couldn’t increase ’em
[00:38.66]My friends couldn’t afford ’em, Four stripes, some Adidas
[00:41.97]On the court I wasn’t the best, but my kicks were like the pros
[00:45.19]Yo, I stick out my tongue so everyone could see that logo
[00:48.75]Nike Air Flight, but bad was so dope
[00:51.54]And then my friend Carlos’ brother got murdered for his fours, whoa
[00:58.11]See he just wanted a jump shot, but they wanted to start a cult though
[01:02.16]Didn’t wanna get caught, from Genesee Park to Othello
[01:05.33]You could clown for those Probings, with the Velcro, those were not tight
[01:08.63]I was trying to fly without leaving the ground,’cause I wanted to be like Mike, right
[01:14.23]Wanted to be him, I wanted to be that guy, I wanted to touch the rim
[01:18.76]I wanted to be cool, and I wanted to fit in,
[01:21.56]I wanted what he had, America, it begins
[01:25.37]I wanna fly
[01:27.19]Can you take me far away
[] [01:32.10]Gimmie a star to reach for
[01:34.56]Tell me what it takes
[01:36.48]And I’ll go so high
[01:38.92]I’ll go so high
[01:40.57]My feet won’t touch the ground
[01:43.25]Stitch my wings
[01:44.79]And pull the strings
[01:46.34]I bought these dreams
[01:48.65]That all fall down
[01:51.06]We want what we can’t have, commodity makes us want it
[01:54.63]So expensive, damn, I just got to flaunt it
[01:57.42]Got to show ’em, so exclusive, this that new shit
[02:00.82]A hundred dollars for a pair of shoes I would never hoop in
[02:04.63]Look at me, look at me, I’m a cool kid
[02:07.69]I’m an individual, yea, but I’m part of a movement
[02:11.11]My movement told me be a consumer and I consumed it
[02:13.91]They told me to just do it, I listened to what that swoosh said
[02:17.45]Look at what that swoosh did. See it consumed my thoughts
[02:21.13]Are you stupid, don’t crease ’em, just leave ’em in that box
[02:23.81]Strangled by these laces, laces I can barely talk
[02:27.10]That’s my air bubble and I’m lost, if it pops
[02:30.50]We are what we wear, we wear what we are
[02:33.06]But see I look inside the mirror and think Phil Knight tricked us all
[02:36.73]Will I stand for change, or stay in my box
[02:39.53]These Nikes help me define me, but I’m trying to take mine, off
[03:48.33]I wanna fly
[03:50.13]Can you take me far away
[03:55.04]Gimmie me a star to reach for
[03:57.48]Tell me what it takes
[03:59.40]And I’ll go so high
[] [04:01.84]I’ll go so high
[04:03.52]My feet won’t touch the ground
[04:06.17]Stitch my wings
[04:07.62]And pull the strings
[04:09.26]I bought these dreams
[04:11.56]That all fall down
[04:26.80]I started out, with what I wear to school
[04:29.14]That first day, like these are what make you cool
[04:32.55]And this pair, this would be my parachute
[04:35.69]So much more than just a pair of shoes
[04:38.13]Nah, this is what I am, what I wore, this is the source of my youth
[04:42.23]This dream that they sold to you
[04:45.19]For a hundred dollars and some change, consumption is in the veins
[04:48.59]And now I see it’s just another pair of shoes

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