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Kanye West – Life Of The Party Lyrics Download PDF/LRC File

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Life Of The Party LRC Format
[ti:Life Of The Party][ar:Kanye West][lang:English][length:06:31.71][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:07.65]It's after hours at that glamorous night spot
[00:10.74]And they're taking it easy, swapping personal experiences
[00:15.95]Let's listen in America Today Life of the party, mhm, 'til I almost cry, mhm
[00:31.17]It's the life of the party, to think I could've almost died Lord, help us
[00:43.83]Hey, Miss Donda You run into my mama, please tell her I said, “Say something”
[00:48.08]I'm startin' to believe ain't no such thing as Heaven's trumpets
[00:51.16]No after-over, this is it, done
[00:52.98]If there's a Heaven, you would think they'd let ya speak to your son
[00:55.94]Maybe she has in the form of a baby's laugh
[00:58.23]I heard passing by in a stroller remindin' me, “Hey, keep rolling”
[01:01.28]I don't know, maybe she has with a prick of a blade of grass
[01:04.26]I've been layin' on way too long, got me itchy Got up and roamed a lil' more
[01:08.31]Miss Donda, you see my mama, tell her I'm lost
[01:11.03]You see, she'd always light a cigarette, we talk, I would cough
[01:14.11]Exaggeratin' a lil' bit so she get the point
[01:16.28]Tryna get her to stop smokin', I would leave and fire up a *****
[01:19.35]'Til I quit, started back up again, twenty years later
[01:22.43]All that time, y'all thought a ***** was high, thought I was crazy
[01:25.43]My mom, she ain't cut no corners Got me back on track, I don't miss her overstepping
[01:29.31]But do miss her showin' Seven civilian life ****
[01:32.30]Ah, Miss Donda, you see my mama, whisper her this:
[01:35.27]The real reason I was geeked to go to church
[01:37.32]Must confess, when y'all grown-ups would be in Bible study
[01:40.37]That girl helping me with my homework? Her and I were ****
[01:43.43]So pure and ****, so spirit spinning and dirty
[01:46.52]So on, so on, and so on, we hoped that no one heard us Sh-sh, ah, ah
[01:53.05]And to this day, I think her mama knew but let us explore
[01:56.32]Miss Donda, you see my father, please, ask him why he never married
[02:00.18]Always smiled, but was he happy inside?
[02:02.37]Because I carried my mother's name, did he carry shame with him?
[02:05.23]I'm sure she did it out of spite, 'twas her decision at birth
[02:08.21]Shit, she probably was hurt, ah, poor baby
[02:10.61]Two young people with different views, a lot for a young lady
[02:13.59]No coincidence, they both passed away from heart conditions
[02:16.57]There's a dissidence at play, dad and mom do hard division
[02:19.67]Three Thou', poster child for big **** **** raised by their mothers
[02:23.09]I'm supposed to smile as if God knew that I would be troubled
[02:26.17]Keeps me around, for what? I don't know
[02:28.19]But I do know that it's crucial, that we do so, pronto
[02:30.81]I don't know how much long though Straight from Shibuya, on some zen
[02:35.39]We back, ramped up, we on ten It's a marathon and look, we comin' for the win
[02:41.02]Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (C'mon)
[02:44.07]Put the whole family on, look at what my Kim did
[02:47.06]Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (Uh) We gon' win big (What?)
[02:56.13]Southside gang mentality weigh heavy I was thinkin' out the box even in a Box Chevy
[03:02.49]And my favorite art teacher name was Mrs. Levy
[03:05.31]'Round the time, I learned to put my feelings to a medley (The life of the party)
[03:09.90]I ain’t turn in homework for like four months and I bet she let me
[03:14.30]She saw the vision “Yeezy you special, go make your own decisions then”
[03:20.57]Man, that was a good choice, faith driving us like a Rolls Royce
[03:30.89]They tried to take my voice away, I ain't try to take ya choice away
[03:34.15]I just prayed the water break, just for my daughter sake, from a slip-up
[03:38.57]Fake signatures from fake managers, it all damage ya, good Lord
[03:44.15]Give 'em enough of they own rope to hang 'em with
[03:47.13]The paparazzi never really got what my angle is
[03:50.06]They treat my married life like some type of entanglement
[03:52.98]My neighbor still dissin', wonderin' why I ain't sayin' it
[03:56.17]I can smell the setup, that's that 2Pac in Vegas hit
[03:59.13]I revealed myself and some don't know what to make of it
[04:02.06]God has said himself to make sure that the baby live
[04:05.15]And if Ye ain't here, then tell me who gonna say this here?
[04:08.14]Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a goddamn minute
[04:11.23]Let me stop playing with it, hopped in a Lamb' with it
[04:14.05]Hopped in a Lamb' with it, in a damn pandemic
[04:17.13]Nerve of Uncle Sam gotta have his damn hand in it
[04:20.66]Listen, straight from Shibuya, on some zen
[04:24.98]I'm on ten, it's a marathon and look, we comin' for the win
[04:29.37]Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (C'mon)
[04:32.46]Put the whole family on, look at what my Kim did
[04:35.54]Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (Uh) We gon' win big (What?)
[04:43.83]Do y'all feel me? Really? Get off Scott Free, I'm talking Ridley
[04:50.10]Get off our knees, that's if you're with me Get off your knees, that's if you're with me
[04:56.48]Get off your knees and let's get free Get off your knees and let's get free
[05:02.37]Really, I mean really Really, I mean really
[05:08.10]I need release, I don't need police I'm like, “****, puh-lease”
[05:12.68]Y'all can't hear me, (Harmonizing), for the real me For the real me, I mean, mhmm-mm
[05:20.82]Alright, it's gonna shoot us in the— woah, uh-oh, uh-oh Ready mama? (Yup)
[05:30.69]I'm so proud of you, yup, you're gonna have so much fun
[05:33.78]They gonna shoot us in the air, mama, okay? C'mon, P, I got you, it's okay, mama
[05:37.87]Hold your head back, hold your head back (Three, two, one)
[05:44.37]Daddy's here, daddy's here, daddy's right here
[05:47.20]It's okay, mama, daddy's here, daddy here Help, help, daddy's right here, I'm scared
[05:52.47]Okay, okay, I got you, it's okay Okay, we goin' slow, we goin' slow down
[05:57.96]It's okay, stop cryin', daddy got you, see, it's over, you did it, P!
[06:02.91]You already did it! See? It's already over! Yay! You did it!
[06:08.03]Big Girl! It's already over! It's already over, it's already over (The life of the party)
[06:12.29]Daddy right here, daddy right here (‘Til I almost cried)
[06:14.11]I told you I'm not gon' let you go I'm not gon' let you go, mama, okay?
[06:18.16]Daddy got you, daddy gon' bring us all the way down, okay?
[06:20.58]How was it? (We good) You did a good job (It was scary)
[06:23.71]Good job! (Our daughter got more heart than you)
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