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Leaving Heaven Lyrics Download is a very popular English song sung by Eminem feat. Skylar Grey. You can download Eminem’s Leaving Heaven song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


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[ti:Leaving Heaven] [ar:Eminem (feat. Skylar Grey)] [lang:English] [length:04:25.97] [by:RC Lyrics Band] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.25]Yeah (I knew this day was coming)
[00:02.29]Sometimes, you gotta come back down (it’s all going to hell now, man)
[00:06.19]Stoop to someone’s level (yeah)
[00:08.24]Five dozen, flies buzzin’ over your head
[00:10.89]Call me the Grim Reaper, sleep is my cousin
[00:13.28]You dead to me now and I’ma be the last face you see
[00:16.23]’Fore you die cussin’ (yep)
[00:17.51]My eye a tiger’s and I’m a survivor so I will rise up and (what?)
[00:21.54]Be triumphant ’cause when I’m looking at my legacy (leg, I see)
[00:25.10]Bunch of dogs tryna dry hump it
[00:26.75]Like Triumph The Puppet, so I’m like, “Fuck it”
[00:28.81]Pile the carnage up ’til its so high, it’s touching the sky
[00:31.74]Let ’em all line up and attack
[00:34.01]Single filing up in the stack
[00:36.17]Call ’em toy soldiers (yeah)
[00:38.09]’Cause they just wind up on their backs
[00:40.37]Now the sky’s nothing but black
[00:41.78]But I am not coming back, I done told ya
[00:43.69]I told the woke me to go to sleep
[00:45.23]But still, they keep on provoking me
[00:46.61]They’re hoping to see me completely broken emotionally
[00:49.65]But how in the fuck am I not supposed to be woke
[00:51.55]When these fuckers just keep poking me? Now
[re:www.rclyricsband.com] [00:53.29]I’m leaving Heaven
[00:57.43]I’m leaving Heaven
[01:01.49]Angels won’t find me
[01:05.78]Where are you going?
[01:11.13]I’ve been down, kicked
[01:12.02]Like around six thousand times since I was a kid
[01:15.30]As a child, picked on, clowned
[01:17.38]Countless times I’ve been outed
[01:19.16]Gotta remind myself of it every now and then (yeah)
[01:21.56]So the route I went’s self-empowerment
[01:23.71]In a hole, taught myself how to get out of it
[01:26.39]And balance it with talents, wit
[01:27.69]’Cause life is like a penny (life is like a penny)
[01:29.93]’Cause it’s only one percent
[01:31.70]Who overcome the shit they’ve underwent
[01:33.74]I went AWOL like what my back was up against
[01:35.88]Don’t tell me ’bout struggle, bitch, I lived it
[01:38.04]I was five or six the first time I got my hind end kicked
[01:41.07]Malcolm, Isaac, and Boogie jumped me and took my tricycle
[01:44.10]And I don’t know if I would call that white privilege, yeah
[01:47.44]But I get it, how it feels to be judged by pigment
[01:50.61]Besides getting it from both sides of the tracks
[01:52.51]But I swore I’d get them back
[01:53.63]Even if it meant selling my soul to get revenge and (what?)
[01:56.06]Thought of a scheme and it got me to thinking
[01:57.71]If I can believe in myself, I could prolly achieve it
[01:59.39]That’s part of the reason I do all my talking with ink
[02:00.92]And as long as I’m breathing I vow to smother and beat them
[02:02.97]A God but a heart of a demon, go at ’em and I’ma get even
[02:05.13]Like I’m in the Garden of Eden, I’m ’bout to go off of the deep end
[02:07.11]This evil is calling, I’m already seething and
[re:www.rclyricsband.com] [02:08.61]I’m leaving Heaven
[02:12.75]I’m leaving Heaven
[02:16.90]Angels won’t find me
[02:21.06]Where are you going?
[02:25.34]Okay, so while Macklemore was keeping his room nice and neat (yeah)
[02:28.38]I was getting my ass beat twice a week (what?)
[02:30.18]Looking for a place for the night where I could sleep
[02:32.38]Flippin’ sofa cushions over just tryin’ to see
[02:34.40]If I could find some change and scrape up for a bite to eat
[02:36.54]If Denaun and me find a couple dimes a piece
[02:38.59]Twenty five cents each’d get us a bag of chips
[02:40.60]We’d be glad to get that even we if we had to split
[02:42.64]We’d do backward flips, looking back at it
[02:44.17]I think that would fit with the definition of not having shit
[02:46.96]Couple that with the fact my mother was batshit
[02:48.74]Pop was a sack of shit, yeah, he died, but I gave half a shit
[02:51.27]Yeah, which brings me back to the real dad that I zero had
[02:54.30]Since a year-old, forty-seven year-old scab
[02:56.43]Just to hear them words, ear piercing
[02:58.47]Like my earlobe stabbed with a needle for an earring
[03:00.91]Should I feel upset? You were dead to me ‘fore you died
[03:03.71]Me? Tear no shed
[03:05.00]Should I have made a mural at your funeral?
[03:06.88]Had your coffin draped with a hero’s flag?
[03:09.03]Where the fuck you were at
[03:10.06]When De’Angelo done hurt me real bad at the Rio Grande?
[03:13.34]Never met your grandkids, fucking coward
[03:15.25]Only gut you had was from your stomach fat
[03:17.14]I couldn’t see your ass goin’ to Heaven
[03:18.99]So I’m asking for a pass to go to Hell
[03:21.13]So I can whip your fucking ass
[re:www.rclyricsband.com] [03:22.28]I hate that I’ll never get to say “I hate you” to your face
[03:24.94]No coming back from where I’m going
[03:26.33]Sky is dark, my soul is black, hand on the shovel
[03:28.47]Dig with the blade up, and then I step on the metal
[03:30.50]Vendetta to settle, tell the Devil
[03:32.40]I’m leaving Heaven (yeah)
[03:36.54]I’m leaving Heaven (you know, I should dig your motherfucking ass up)
[03:40.66]Angels won’t find me (just to spit in your fucking face)
[03:44.93]Where are you going? (Holding my baby pictures up like you’re proud of me)
[03:49.08]I’m leaving heaven (fuck you, bitch)
[03:53.22]I’m leaving heaven (you know what? Maybe if I had had you)
[03:57.51]Angels won’t find me (I wouldn’t have went through half the shit I went through, so I blame you)
[04:01.65]Where are you going? (Or maybe I should say, “Thank you”)
[04:06.06](‘Cause I wouldn’t have been me)
[04:07.58]So you better, you better run (yeah)
[04:11.92]You better, you better run (so I’ma let it go now, rest in peace)
[04:16.49]You better, you better run (cocksucker)
[04:20.46]You better, you better run (see you in Hell)

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