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[ti:Last Day In] [ar:Kodak Black] [lang:English] [length:03:09.99] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:02.77]Everybody been, like, goin’ crazy with this, like, autotune and shit
[00:07.42]And I don’t need no tune for the auto, All I’m missin’ is you
[00:12.62]I done made it out that fire like it’s magic
[00:15.81]If you ain’t with me, I don’t wanna see you happy
[00:18.62]I’m just tryna spend my Easter in Miami
[00:21.44]My baby told me stay out the way and stick to rappin’, yeah
[00:24.50]Now why you got the money for if you gon’ waste it?
[00:27.28]Lil’ Kodak, ain’t you tired of livin’ crazy? Boy, you famous now
[00:30.86]I’m just tryna spend my Easter in Miami
[00:33.56]And I need it on my first day out, bitch, that’s my last day in
[00:36.66]I’m in all kind of shit, I’m chillin’ at the Days Inn
[00:39.58]I’ve been prospering, prayin’ I don’t get prosecuted
[00:42.39]I can’t believe that you can really leave me lonely
[00:45.64]You don’t even call to see if a nigga hungry, yeah
[00:48.56]I done stood up in that water with all kind of divers
[00:51.49]I done made it out that fire, like a firefighter
[00:54.67]I’m in Cleveland quarantining with a baddie
[00:57.45]Ducked off, we ain’t poppin’ out until they find a vaccine
[01:00.26]I told my lawyer, boy, I love you like a daddy
[01:03.15]And I’ma catch a charge before I let them take advantage of me
[01:06.39]I done came home so much, I already know they tired of me
[01:09.84]Ran up out of prison, I ain’t say bye to nobody
[01:12.66]I want sushi then some coochie, no more lunch trays, yeah
[01:15.85]Had to stop showin’ everybody where my mama stay, yeah
[01:18.77]Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money
[01:21.69]All the hate and prejudice has become evident to me
[01:24.78]Tryna quit takin’ trips with the carbon
[01:27.36]But I know you niggas won’t miss the chance if you could harm me, yeah
[01:30.71]This my first day out, bitch, I want a head massage
[01:33.64]Ain’t no rumor, I keep shooters in my entourage
[01:36.56]Got the white bitch talkin’ like a nigga ho
[01:39.71]I be runnin’ with the Z’s, like I’m Piccolo
[01:42.53]Spend my Christmas in Miami, yeah, Caresha Brownlee
[01:45.72]They ain’t even wait ’til you went to prison, they left you in the county
[01:48.66]I been savin’ up the money on my Sundays
[01:51.58]Know you only wish for you to see me sufferin’
[01:54.50]Whatever I spend on you is less than what you makin’ me
[01:57.69]Who spent the biggest bag on you? Girl, don’t play with me
[02:00.51]’Cause I don’t want to have to show you that I love you, baby
[02:03.76]If you ever cheat on me, guess what I’m gon’ do, baby?
[02:06.68]I don’t know, I think it’s over for this rap game shit
[02:09.60]This my first day out the joint, so that my last day in
[02:13.46]Yeah so, I was on the horn with my mama, You know, that’s my Z queen
[02:20.10]And she like, “Son, you got a beautiful voice”
[02:25.65]I was blowing to her, sayin’ this to her and shit
[02:28.99]Say this my last day in, know what I’m sayin’
[02:32.71]Yo ta tiye m tou, tone kraze m pap pran prizon
[02:36.43]Yeah so, creatin’ a healthy and a happy lifestyle
[02:41.37]I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come
[02:44.62]Always kept it real, even when no one’s lookin’
[02:47.45]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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