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[ti:LA Leakers Freestyle][ar:Central Cee][lang:English][length:02:58.08][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.77]They think I'm the one that can bridge the gap, huh
[00:03.80]I came to LA to work, but first, where the bitches at?
[00:06.69]They're tellin' me Tao or The Highlight Room
[00:08.45]If you wanna go through, you gotta bring the strap (Okay)
[00:10.37]No way could I trust these hoes, I'm takin' their phone if we bring them back
[00:13.45]I don't wanna get done, like, nah (Come on)
[00:15.10]They don't understand, I'm givin' them U.K. slang
[00:17.09]My brudda, my fam', my akh, You say “The feds just done a sweep”
[00:20.18]We say, “The boy dem run in my gaff”, You say “On God, no cap”
[00:23.63]We say “Swear on your life, don't gass”, You say “Spin the block”
[00:27.08]We say “Jump out and slide and crash”, You call it “machine,” we call it a “mash”
[00:30.44]Strip club and they're shakin' ass, But in my words, they're shakin' nyash
[00:33.90]We don't trap in abandoned buildings, Shots get hit out of vacant flats
[00:37.53]In other words, “apartments,” hidden compartments get detached
[00:40.63]Free all the members that got bagged, You say “What's up?,” we say, “Wagwan”
[00:44.16]Got shotguns from a farm, We don't eat pork, we say it's Haram
[00:47.35]You call her “shawty,” we call her “jawn”, Sexy gyal and we call them “leng”
[00:50.70]Back then, we would call them “peng”, Bare words that we got for guns
[00:54.15]Like “waps” and “skengs”, You call them “Js”, we call them “cats”
[00:57.61]There's not much crystal meth, My hoods got junkies hooked on crack
[01:00.96]Flick knives, we call them “nanks”, Zombie killers, we call them “ZKs”
[01:04.34]Rambo knife by the name of “Ramz”, We say “cash,” “Ps,” “racks,” “Gs”
[01:08.05]We don't really call them “bands”, In L.A, it's Escalades
[01:11.14]In the ends, it's Mercedes Vans, Watch my back, I'm paranoid
[01:14.33]That's what I mean when I say that I'm prang
[01:15.92]Clench my fist and I fist bump man, Anti-social, I don't shake much hands, huh
[01:20.34]Well, it depends, You say “the trenches”, we say “the ends”
[01:22.99]You say “y'all”, we say “you lot”, You say “restroom”, we say “toilet”
[01:26.33]We do have guns, but they might be, So man pull it apart and oil it
[01:29.52]If a man violate, say a man boyed it, Live Yours ain't a gang, can't join it
[01:32.97]We both whip crack the same, We fill up the Pyrex pot and boil it
[01:36.52]In London, I'm verified, In N.Y, I'm valid, Twelve hours away, I'm M.I.A, I can pull up on DJ Khaled
[01:42.90]It's only an hour away from the ends, that's why I spend time in Paris
[01:46.25]If I pull up on Saturday Night, I ain't come here to talk, this ain't Jimmy Fallon (Ah, yeah)
[01:50.30]I just pulled up with a chick bro said that he hit, I'm a bit embarrassed, huh
[01:53.75]All she's gettin' is dick and Chick-Fil-A, we ain't eatin' salmon
[01:56.64]I might hit one time and vanish, I got unlimited funds on the Amex
[01:59.97]One day, I'm on the block in London, next day, I'm chillin' in the sun on a hammock, huh
[02:03.86]Controversy sells, I said, “How can I be **** when my **** is ****” and it flew off the shelf
[02:08.65]Thinkin', “Should I go with a label or stay independent and do it myself?”
[02:11.99]Sat down with the boss and said I ain't signed, but, bro, I ain't new to deals, uh
[02:15.61]Stood outside of the night club, try make the trap line kick like Flight Club
[02:18.80]All of my drip from Rodeo Drive, ain't none of this shit from China, huh
[02:22.25]I don't want Nobu, I need me a yard food, so I'm in Inglewood
[02:25.44]Darg dem-, My darg dem serve like Wimbledon
[02:28.78]My darg dem smart like Beethoven, I'm from where the JackBoys active
[02:31.84]Fam, don't sleep with your window open
[02:33.50]Hoes gon' line man up and get a commission
[02:35.67]Back shot give a gyal whiplash, Hit that, impact like a collision
[02:38.97]I don't care if I'm givin' the lo', Tell Rubi Rose that I'm in the Edition (Okay)
[02:45.22](Bad boy, man, West London is in here, man, Central Cee) (Touchin' LA Leakers, baby)
[02:51.76]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



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