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Ares Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by KSI. You can download KSI’s Ares song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

KSI Ares Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:03:30.29]


Ares LRC Format
[ti:Ares] [ar:KSI] [lang:English] [length:03:30.29] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:12.61]Hm, hm, hm, Hm, hm, hm, hm, You dare test me?, Zeeshan
[00:20.70]Ares looking down on the boy, Feelin’ like he at the top
[00:24.32]Now you better listen ’cause this nigga never wanted hippodrome
[00:27.21]But I gotta let them know you’re a flop, Not a single boom with four records on the trot
[00:31.62]Now the little Ben was mad that his records never popped
[00:34.18]Till he spoke about his idol, now he’s going viral
[00:36.72]Biggest song you’ll ever make is author of the Bible
[00:39.24]I’m the creed of the crop, the rocky with the cash
[00:41.79]While you’re tryna say the words, suffering succotash
[00:44.15]Baby panickin’ awkward like mannequin, motherfucker, we’re battlin’
[00:47.40]This the fall of the Anakin, make you missin’ like Madeleine
[00:49.69]You’re a fan, FIFA to the football to the rappin’
[00:52.35]My reply got you jizzin’, was fishin’ and baited the stan
[00:54.90]Please don’t speak again, hold up with your ventin’
[00:57.20]Ain’t it wonderful that I’m out here reinventin’ your career?
[01:00.03]Keep it measure for measure, where is your Isabella? (Hm)
[01:02.49]Shawty left and you struggled to keep it all together (Ayy)
[01:04.93]Not the first time you’re dissin’, remember me and Weller?
[01:07.59]Lookin’ back at that reinstatin’ that you’re a fan forever
[01:09.94]Fuck your grade five, you don’t need to lie
[01:12.23]Glad I made you better ’cause your other shit was dry
[01:14.62]Had to make you wait ’cause I’m always up liftin’
[01:17.24]Scrawny with your size, maybe try some weightliftin’
[01:19.79]Between me and you, no one wants to be you (Nah)
[01:22.34]Looked at your past, even you know it’s true
[01:24.73]Look at that baby face (Huh?), look at that baby face (Huh?)
[01:28.45]You can’t intimidate, Boy, it’s my creed to assassinate, I’m not one to agitate
[01:33.23]Cryin’ that my roster overpowered like the Golden State
[01:35.62]Corny rappers tryna build a coup so they can elevate
[01:38.01]No one’s even ever heard of you, Until I commentated and slated, got irritated and hated
[01:42.44]But deep inside, you’re elated, you even tweeted and rated
[01:45.01]The lyrical miracle, this is you peakin’ at pinnacle
[01:47.62]Taste of your medicine goin’ and flowin’ at minimal
[01:50.19]Show me you’re unusual, spit a verse where I’m not as a feature
[01:53.28]Bet it’s never better than the dissin’ at your teacher
[01:55.67]Bet this never blows up all accordin’ to your preacher, Calculated moves, I’m the instigator
[02:00.36]Forever in my shadow blessin’ like your given name
[02:02.76]I’m drinking Desperado, you can’t even do the same
[02:05.41]Commend your new bravado, thank me ’cause I’m here to blame
[02:08.07]And if we ever played, I’ll still beat you at a FIFA game
[02:11.84]Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
[02:15.36]Dax (C’mon), Stop it, man, you ain’t that (That)
[02:17.64]Poor man’s Hopsin now wanna box, Please, you’re gonna get dropped
[02:20.92]Now Crypt wanna hop on my dick, Stupid little prick, you were never involved
[02:24.11]You can rap fast but you can’t make a hit, Lullaby, rap or die, hope you die, bitch
[02:28.36]I got no label, And I always kill it like Cain and Abel
[02:31.55]Can’t be broke, I’ll revoke your progress, ‘Cause I am the table
[02:34.37]You bitches are botchin’, I’m the one that they paid to be watchin’
[02:37.99]You tried with the diss, got you bare views with the vids
[02:40.01]Tried to score, but you missed, ha!, I am the king of the drama
[02:43.58]Cream of the crop, I’m the new age farmer, Puppet man, I don’t stop it man
[02:46.83]I give all the shit with no karma, I am untouchable, I got the rocket fuel
[02:49.92]I am unstoppable, nothing impossible, Album impeccable, touring while winning as me
[02:53.80]Years in the game and I do it so easily, “I’m a Celebrity” called for me
[02:57.79]I said “No” to that shit, I don’t need to eat dick, I’m self-made in this bitch
[03:01.50]I’m like Raid when I spray, People die when I prey, People lie when I slay
[03:05.38]Jack of all trades and I mastered it all as I win, Bring out the Perry and prove I’m a king
[03:10.69]Q-Q-Quad, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!, This shit’s easy for me
[03:16.30]All day, every day, Number one, ayy, Ayy, ayy, Ayy, ayy, Ayy, GG, motherfucker
[03:26.56]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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